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  1. Michellesalvino

    Juvenile boars no longer getting along ?

    I have a total of 4 boars, living in pairs. One of these pairs no longer gets along because one of them (Walter) has been getting quite feisty lately and chasing around Solomon, he also will try to take over what he is eating and I also believe he nips at Solomon.. I have separated them so far...
  2. Dystopoly

    New Boys - First Time Owner

    So, I’ve worked at a pet shop for roughly a year and ended up taking home two brothers that were abandoned with us at about a month old. They’re now two months, approaching three, but have been housed together their whole lives and have not had any issues to date. I’m currently housing them in a...
  3. J

    Aggressive Piggie

    This past week my eldest piggy has been acting very aggressive towards my younger ones (even injuring the smallest foot). I have separated them until I get a bigger cage which is coming in the mail, but every time I get all 4 of my pigs in the playpen together he starts chattering his teeth at...
  4. H

    Fighting Guinea Pigs Want To Be With Eachother After Separating

    my 2 boys have been going through piggy puberty. I have a girlie at age 6 months and has been put away from the boys as I’ve been told to do so. My two boys will constantly chase, chutter and fight when in the cage together, but if I’ve separated the cage they desperately try to get to...
  5. H

    Help! Bonded Boys Now Fighting.

    my two boys pickle (12 months) and sparky (12 months) we’re bonded really well when I got them. Ever since my desexed female (mocha, 6 months) arrived my boys have gotten aggressive to eachother. Constantly they would chitter their teeth and attack eachother. To me sparky is protective over...