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rainbow bridge baby

  1. Grand Guinea Pigs


    Aegir (Fatty Bobo) 19/06/2019 – 12/11/2022. Aegir used to run excitedly up to the balcony door at breakfast time. He was a very quiet guinea pig. Sometimes he put his front paws on the lowest green bar of the balcony door when he could smell the food. Aegir always used to delightedly ramble...
  2. Nutmegandnugget

    Nugget 🖤

    My baby, Nugget, passed away yesterday, he was the loudest little guy, super ticklish and obsessed with Parsley. He helped me during a time when I was struggling the most and his death hurts so much. His brother Nutmeg is left behind and I'm making sure he is eating, drinking etc but he...
  3. haylbeth

    My piggy passed on 😢

    Hi everyone. Last night my beautiful and sweet pig Pippa who I always called Pippy passed away suddenly. She seemed fine the day before but yesterday I noticed she wasn’t moving a lot and her body was doing a slight back and forth repetitive movement which I watched a while but then I saw her...
  4. Grand Guinea Pigs

    Sweet Baulder

    In honour of my darling baby Baulder. I lost Baulder on Wednesday, I cried my heart out. He was such a clever and lovely guinea pig. I hope he's with his brothers, daddy Thor, & Jupiter and Tyr. Sleep tight and sweet dreams little fuzzypants 🥺💕