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  1. coco&chanel

    Unexpected Passing

    My beautiful Peruvian girl, Chanel passed away last night. I found her this morning laid out on top of a snuggle sack with her eyes open. She was only 11 months old and this has come as a huge shock to me, I am completely devastated. She was a perfectly healthy guinea pig. She did have a...
  2. PopcornPigs

    Heartbroken. Rip My Darling.

    This is honestly one of the hardest posts, and nothing could have prepared me for the loss of my little boy - Willy. From the moment I first laid eyes on him, it was love. He was in a bad state - frightened and in pain, his eyes were so sad but hopeful. Starting off life with malnutrition...
  3. Guineapigfeet

    My First Pigs

    I final found the only photos I have of my first pair. These are photos of the photos! Marmalade and Donut (my brother's pig technically)
  4. Guineapigfeet

    Rainbow Piggies

    I cannot find any pics of my 1st and 2nd pigs, Donut and Marmalade, but I know they are somewhere! Donut died aged just 2 after a womb infection and Marmalade was then paired with Tiger and passed aged 4. This is Gemma (top) and Tiger (below) my 4th and 3rd piggies respectively. Tiger died aged...