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  1. Gemm

    A bit of a rant!

    Hi everyone I just have to get this off my chest-it’s a bit of a rant but it really upset me. I was at a family dinner and was talking to my uncle who asked me whether I miss my two guinea pis who have recently died. I replied of course. He then started to laugh and make fun of me which really...
  2. Gemm

    Bit Of A Rant....

    Hi! I have 6 beautiful guinea pigs and they are practically my life. I am constantly buying them toys/treats, taking photos of them, cuddling them, playing with them. I love them so much! I am currently building and sewing them some hammocks and hammock holders. Unfortunately some of my family...
  3. Jesse's pigs

    Rant From Mo

    "I know all of you think my little brother Steve is cute and can probably do no wrong but I'm here to prove otherwise! Steve is soooooo naughty! Pigmum gave us a paper bag today to play with and within a few minutes Steve had tolieted in it! I don't know why he does it. I've tried to show him...
  4. TheLottiediarys


    I'm on a hamster forum as well as someone posted a question on how to get guinea pigs used to be handled. I replied and happened to say that with my newest Guinea Pigs I had to handle them daily to give medical care, Anya's medicine twice a day and also wounds needed washing twice a day for...
  5. Squidgypigs

    Can I Just Rant About People Not Taking Advice?

    Sigh. This past few weeks I've been asked several questions about pregnant sows and baby pigs (and other general pig care questions) by a few people, only to discover the majority haven't listened at all. Fathers to be board are still being kept with heavily pregnant sows (sometimes...