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  1. daisyandsofi2060


    Do yall ever watch ratatouille and think how much the part with the rat biting Linguini and tickling him resembles the moments when you hold your piggy in your lap and pet them? they nibble on something or maybe occasionally lick your finger and tickle you when they change positions . Best movie...
  2. Caramelchip18

    Partners rats from pets at home may be sick, advice needed.

    Just as the title says, if the rat is sick and he takes it back to pets at home will they help, check it themselves or what? anybody have experience taking bought sick animals back to pets at home?
  3. Thrymskvida

    Marauding rat

    I'm not entirely sure if this is the right section, but it's my best guess. A small and extremely brazen rat has today taken up residence in my room, which my Guinea pigs share with me. Their C & C cage is on the floor. The little rat, who seems famished, has been slipping through the bars and...
  4. Guineapigfeet

    House Guests

    I’m returning the favour and looking after my friend’s rats whilst she’s on holiday. We’ve already decided that rats are next after guineapigs!
  5. squeakypigs01

    Rat In My Pigs Run!

    Hiya, I have literally just seen what looked like a rat run in and then out of my guinea pigs run:eek: It was quite thin and brown with a long tail and seemed to fit through the bars, go into the hidey that the pigs were in and thed run out and into the fower bed. Are they dangerous to pigs and...