1. L

    Water bottles

    Hi, I’m looking for some water bottle recommendations in the uk. I’ve just recently got the pets at home glass water bottle and I’m finding it quite problematic. I’ve switched from the ferplast plastic bottle as it was leaking really badly, I had multiple of those and it didn’t matter they all...
  2. Siikibam

    Headphones recommendations

    Anyone have recommendations for a (not to expensive) pair of headphones please? I want to do some work but it’s not really appropriate for young ears. I realised I don’t have any headphones/earphones with a normal jack, and my laptop doesn’t have Bluetooth. I could do it on the iPad but I’m...
  3. Siikibam


    I'm looking for a trampoline for the kids and wondering if anyone can recommend a brand. Silly me being slow missed out on one that was on aldi online! I'm looking for preferably 10ft - I think 8ft would be too small for them. Thanks in advance!
  4. T

    Best Quality Hay?

    Hello Guys, I live in the US, I just wanted to know some options on good quality hay. In particular i'm looking for Hay recommendations that can possibly help curb piggie pickyness lol, if not then just a really well balanced and healthy hay! Here in the states I've seen Oxbow, Kaytee, i've...
  5. adussiaQ

    Storage Recommendations

    Hi all, I couldn’t find a similar thread so I made my own, not sure it’s in the right chat but please move it if it’s not. I’m looking for your recommendations on storage. I buy all my piggie items in bulk and it’s begging to be hard to store. It doesn’t look great and it’s not practical just...
  6. Siikibam

    Kindle (for reading)

    My aunt is an avid reader and I’ve already sent her some books. But I was debating getting her a kindle reader. I’m wondering if anyone uses it and which one you’d recommend. Thank you in advance v
  7. Lola & Val

    Breathing fast and cool, but no other URI sign

    One of my piggys named lola has been breathing fast and its worrying me. She has a bit of discharge from her nose but not much. Other than that she is fine. I was wondering if it was the bedding, because it is dusty and I am ordering new bedding for her. Or if its URI. If it is URI what should...
  8. Celine298

    Hay Online - Recommendations?

    Hi all! I'm looking to change my hay brand for the girls. My local choices are limited so I'm looking into purchasing online, but that poses the risk of getting shoddy produce. Can anyone recommend a good brand that's reliable in it's quality? I'm from Ireland so American sites are out...
  9. Tinychels

    Any recommendations for hay that contains less dust?

    Hello! I've been feeding my 3 girls Oxbow Timothy Hay for all their lives. They absolutely love it I've noticed that it does contain lots of dust, especially when I get towards the bottom, I never finish the bag because of it. They sneeze every now and then due to the hay dust, so I feel...
  10. P

    Product Recommendations

    I noticed there aren't a whole load of guinea pig product recommendation threads out there so I thought I'd take the opportunity to make one. If anyone has any DIYs or products they've tried and liked, post them here! :)
  11. Dom R

    Best Nail Clippers - Recommendations

    Hi Community, After recently getting fed up of using my current nail clippers which is hard to explain what they are, not only have they got really blunt, but there has been at least one occasion every month that I ended up cutting too far as they are hard to position or the pig wriggles as I...
  12. MissPiggyTales

    Recommended Fleece Liners

    Hiya! I've just purchased two 2x4 c and c cages... so excited...:yahoo: I've been scrolling through the internet and cant seem to decide which place is best to get a waterproof/absorbent cage liner for each. I'm looking for the least faff option .. lol.. and best price for item. Any advice or...
  13. Frankie.Friends

    Any Good Cage Recommendations?

    I am currently shopping around for a new guinea pig cage and i was wondering if anyone has any good recommendations? Brief- Must be under £150 Must be a suitable size Preferably outdoors Weather proof and animal proof eg. No cats or foxes can get in Easy to access and clean Thank you for...