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  1. Nifen

    Gi stasis recovery and eating poop question

    Hello my boy is recovering from gi stasis. my vet said it was second to the hypothermia he experienced in another vets care. it's been about 2 week and he's still not eating on his own so I'm just a bit worried. He is doing a lot better and eating very little on his own but no where near enough...
  2. PiggyPack

    Veggies After Bloating

    Hi! So I was just wondering how to wean Bea, my piggie who has just recovered from bloat, back on to veggies? I’ve been trying to give her bits of corriander and must’ve given her a little too much and saw one of those horrible stringy poops. Has anyone got any advice on how I can wean her...
  3. Crislynf

    2.5 year old male post op bladder surgery problems

    Hi everyone, My boy Sonic underwent bladder surgery on Wednesday, July 6, to remove a stone shown in the XRAY. However, when they opened up his bladder, they only found a lot of sludge and were able to clean some, but some of the sludge went to his prostate. Thankfully, he made it through...
  4. Arekkisu

    UTI recovery help

    Hey all! TLDR: Guinea pig not peeing a lot, any foods or methods to help him pee better? My guinea pig Biscuit (M 4½) has had a nasty case of UTI, took him to the vet on saturday and vet perscribed metacam (the special one for guinea pigs) and enrocare Since saturday hes gone from wheeking...
  5. F

    Dental Recovery care for piggie after dental surgery

    Hiya, I’m new to this forum, but was just wondering if anyone had any advice or tips for looking after a piggie after dental surgery. The vet said when they had to remove his fractured bottom tooth a bit of bone came with it and he has a fracture in his jaw. We didn’t expect him to make it...
  6. H

    back legs problem

    Hallo, i have 2,5 years old guinea pig. she is recovering from bloat. She was on the verge of death. Now she looks pretty normal because vet rescue her, but she cant fully use her back legs. in the past she cant stand on legs, or she was hopping, and she couldnt "walk" on whatever distance. Now...
  7. furmom.pau

    Poop check pls

    My piggy has been on antibiotics for 8 days now and her poops are being weird ever since. We've been feeding her probiotics and syringe feeding hay and pellets to her. No veggies. At first she was always hiding, maybe because of the antibiotic side effects but now she's coming outside and...
  8. S

    Weaning back onto hay after Recovery?

    Hello, me again! Just looking for some advice really - I am wondering if anyone has any tips or tricks on getting your piggy’s interest back into hay after syringe feeding? My little girl Biscuit is now gaining weight again and is beginning to thrive, she is more active in herself and more...
  9. S

    Please help me, I’m going round the bend

    My guineapig Biscuit was diagnosed by the vet with an infection, prescribed us Loxicom anti inflammatory (0.4ml every 12 hours) and Baytril antibiotics (0.5ml once a day). We did around 7 days course of this, she stopped eating. Obviously, we took her back to the vets and they have given us...
  10. Amyspuddan

    Gut stasis after care and advise please!

    Hi everyone Please could I have someones advice on my piggy and what I should do? I took my piggy to the vet as he wasn't eating. He got diagnosed with gut stasis and was advised to keep him for 24hours, so he was kept in and treated for the 24hours. We got him back fed him as normal and gave...
  11. PinkCoatGirl

    Ovarian Cancer

    My poorly Lilly pig is just shy of her 3rd birthday and has been diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer. I noticed blood in her urine, the only sign that anything was wrong. And with her cage mate not long having recovered from a UTI I took Lilly to the vets. I knew something was amiss as there was no...
  12. Nicky71

    Post Antibiotic Care .

    My neutered boar , Toffee, has been on a week long course of antibiotics to treat a URI. He seems to be over the URI now but he is very much not himself . He mostly sits still , somewhat hunched and with his chin on the floor . His coat looks a different condition too.He will eat a little if...
  13. Anon--

    Need Some Help

    I'm new to this site and to the situation my guinea pig is in, but anyway to start things off I need to explain everything. So about a week ago my guinea pig, Blake, had to be spayed to remove an ovarian cyst. The operation went fine and everything after that was going well, long story short...
  14. pnwgranny

    Update On Eli

    I can't remember what I posted and what I didn't. Eli has emergency surgery on his teeth instead of having to wait til next week. He had stopped eating and drinking water. My vet said bring him in on Thursday and they syringe fed him critical care during the night and did his procedure...
  15. Watermelon-Pets

    Amputations - Help And Advice

    We all know Piggies are very expensive to care for, and sometimes they are impossible to afford. Broken legs are a common problem, yet cost a lot to fix. My piggy Chocolate broke her leg and when I took her to an exotic specialist the price was too high to repair the leg. A different vet offered...
  16. Beans&Toast

    Toast's Hair Starting To Grow Back

    After a stressful and painful couple of weeks Toast was barbaring quite badly. She pulled the fur from her chin out and was left with a bald patch. :( Now she's pain free and happy she's stopped barbaring and her little beard is growing back nicely :D:love:
  17. Muffin&Crumble

    Recovery After Spay

    Hi Everyone, My first post so bear with me! On Monday my two little girls Muffin and Crumble underwent a spay. Crumble's behaviour had changed dramatically so our vet suspected an ovarian cyst, and recommended a spay - we decided it was best to also have Muffin spayed as keeping her intact...