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red urine

  1. P

    Red urine

    How can you tell when urine is blood rather than just coloured? I would normally pour hydrogen peroxide on it but it's on fleece this time and don't want to incase it doesn't wash off. But also ive had blood before that is very obviously blood. I'm not 100% sure it's blood this time. But my...
  2. lilpumpkamo

    Mystery hair loss near back legs during persistent UTI

    Hello all, I am stumped so I wanted to crowdsource some info from other guinea pig owners. This is mostly a TLDR I wrote a lot under the images on Imgur. Here is her history: Age: I have had Kaylor for 3.5 years, unsure of her age as I rescued her but let's guess about 5 years old now...
  3. Dom R

    Red/orange Urine - Recently Been On Medication

    Hi All, I have read many different threads about the different causes of Red and Orange urine, and none of them seem to cover everything of what I am wondering. Rodney, which is the pig in question, has recently been removed off of his medication after dropping 200-300 grams of weight due to...