1. D

    Should I rehome?

    I have had guinea pigs for over 4 years now and in total I have had 5 but after a few recent passing away I have 2. I love them a lot but I feel I don't give them enough attention as I should and I am thinking about rehoming them, it will be really tough but I don't know how to tell my parents...
  2. A

    Should I rehome my guinea pig?

    I love my guinea pig so much, and I try to give him the most care I can. However I have a small room and he smells it up so much. I try to talk to my parents about moving him upstairs but they don’t listen. I also try to talk to them about getting a new piggy but they say I cant. I want him to...
  3. amylouise

    1 single and 1 double tier indoor cages for rehoming! FREE!

    Hi, first of all please accept my apologise if this is the wrong place to advertise this, I have rang around a lot of rescues and messaged people on Facebook and someone suggested here! I have up for grabs these cages, they haven't been used for a few years and have been sitting getting bashed...
  4. T

    Having To Rehome Due To New Career? Please Help:(

    So I have a huge dilemma on my hands here:( I recently got offered the job of my dreams I worked so hard to get but it came with a HUGE condition: I rehome my Guinea pigs:( which I obviously in a million years do not want to do. I was told the pathogens from my pigs could spread to the...
  5. J

    Rehoming Of A Single Pig

    Hey all, So I am sadly down to one guinea pig now, Barry. Barry has been living alone for around two months, now I know that isn't ideal, but I initially did not want to get him rehomed, thinking that he is getting older now and may not accept new housemates and I just didn't really want to see...
  6. Cazzie Bliss

    Mental Turmoil Of Having To Rehome?

    Hey all As some might know, my piggies had babies a few months ago and I misgendered one of the pups who's been in the girls cage. I don't have a big enough cage for 4 boars to live in. So, the people I got my original two are saying they can take a max of four back of the same sex. The...