1. TinaY

    Ringworm question :(

    Hi! I found this forum due to its fantastic ringworm information (THANK YOU!). I recently purchased 2 Guinea Pigs in Dubai and guess what, on day 2 I noticed something on one of the piggie's ear and I took them to the vet. Ringworm confirmed. I got a spray, a cream and a shampoo. I started the...
  2. L

    Bumblefoot and sores on butt

    Took my Guinea pig to get checked out at the vet and they said he had bumblefoot. He has had bumblefoot since January 15. And we don't think it's getting any better. Because he keeps chewing it. We started wrapping his foot but he keeps taking it off. Then later on we noticed that he had sores...
  3. K

    Hair loss

    Hello everyone! I am new to this app and also a New Guinea pig owner. My guineas; Ronnie and Reggie and both around 9 weeks old and have been fine so far until I noticed last week reggies fur above his eye has been falling out and today I checked up on him again and more hair has been lost! The...
  4. 5


    Hi all, I have been thinking about getting some Piggies for a while now. I have done months worth of research on them and their care, but the one thing that is holding me back from getting some piggies is the fear of them coming out in ringworm. I have asked so many different people about it...