1. Kirbs


    Gigi was one of my first guinea pigs, he was the last one who passed in 2015 and after he passed we decided to get chickens which didn't work out so in 2019 we adopted the 5 boars we have now :) He was also albino which is why his eyes are red :)
  2. L

    Bear 03-11-2020

    My guinea pig Bear died today. He had been feeling unwell for the past week so I made the decision to put him down to spare him any more pain and suffering. He was an older piggy. I never knew his exact age since I got him from the animal shelter almost two years ago( the vet suspected between 4...
  3. MadPiggies :D

    Goodnight Optimus

    Hi guys. I’m sorry I haven’t posted in a while but sadly Optimus has passed away. He passed away yesterday on Mother’s Day as his body couldn’t handle a stroke which he had the day before. Sadly every vet in our area was shut and we knew that we couldn’t put him in any more stress. He passed...
  4. RIPbobby

    One Of My Guinea Pigs Has Just Passed Away - Should I Get A New One For My Last One?

    Hi all, One of my beloved piggies has just passed ;( and i am wondering whether i should get another to be with my old one. How will they get along? Also do they have to be the same breed ? Thanks.
  5. A

    Sudden Death?

    Hi all, So I owned 4 guinea pigs. 2 of them are around 2 1/2 years old, one is 2 and the other is 1 years old. One of my guinea pigs (purchased from pets at home, big mistake) has had constant health problems over the last 2 years. Originally a few weeks after getting her she was breathing...
  6. Robynnlouu

    My Poor Boy.

    so unfortunately this morning my little boy had to be put down. I had only had him a week but he was the most outgoing, gentle and lovely boy. but pets at home sold me a guinea pig with a birth defect which meant he could not poop. I even told them to check both my boys before i bought them...
  7. L


    It is with a broken heart that I announce Peaches has passed away. She's only been gone for about two weeks now, but we're all still heartbroken about her. We're happy we got to spend time with her after Peanut's death, but we miss her so much. I waited a little while to write this, just because...
  8. Watermelon-Pets

    Very Sad News, I Need Help On What To Do Next.

    So after just a week of owner the beautiful happy guinea pig Brownie I found her dead this morning. I think her sudden death is because of her previous home. I think in her old home she and her friend were neglected, they didn't have toys, they had no hay, and no veg apart from a full carrot cut...
  9. Squidgypigs

    Popcorn Free Baby Helford

    Helford was born already sleeping this morning at 11 o clock. He is remembered by both his human family and of course his mummy Miley, sister Zelah & Aunty Morag. You were big and strong like your aunty Morag and had gorgeous sleak, shiny cream agouti fur. I think you would have enjoyed cuddles...
  10. Alice Treen

    Rip To My Little Tilly

    RIP my little tilly sadly passed this time last year and so today has been rather challenging. This picture I wanted to share because it basically sums her up her perfectly. She was in her run having a great time grazing on the grass. I had put a shallow tray of water out because she loves water...
  11. L

    Rip Bramble

    We are so sad our dear little Bramble did not make it through his post-op recovery from bladder stone surgery. Bramble passed away 11/9/2015. We will miss him so much - particularly his excitement and enthusiastic squeaks every time I walked into the room. We'll miss cuddles, and chats, and...