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  1. Swissgreys

    The Ruby Thread by The Boring Big Slave

    One of Ruby's old threads recently popped up, and I was surprised by the number of members who had such fond memories of Ruby's stories. It has been over 3 months since we lost our precious agouti pig, her urn has pride of place in our living room, memorial tattoos have been inked, and nothing...
  2. Swissgreys

    Ruby by The Big Slave

    I have lost count of the number of time I have started this post in the past 2 weeks. I wanted it to be a fitting tribute to an incredible guinea pig. But the reality is there really are no words to do justice to our sweet, feisty, confident, demanding, opinionated little agouti pig. Two weeks...
  3. Swissgreys

    So Annoying by Ruby

    Dear Fellow Forum Piggies, Do you ever have one of those days where your slave/s just seem to be trying to be annoying? Honestly the big slave has been particularly bad today. I was happily trotting around my cage and wheeking for no reason when she came over to tell me to stop making silly...
  4. Swissgreys

    Pancake Day by Ruby

    Wednesday was something called pancake day, which means the big slave (the boring one) gets to sit around and eat nice food. Honestly it sounds the same as almost every day in our home really, but the little slave was excited, so I decided to be excited too. The little slave said because it...
  5. Swissgreys

    Valentines Day by Ruby

    It has recently come to my attention that soon it will be Valentines Day. Valentines Day is when you give the slave that you love most in the world a card. The big slave says it might also be a day when you don't bite people, but thankfully no one is listening to her becasue she is really rather...
  6. Swissgreys

    Dear Big Slave by Ruby

    Dear Big Slave, As I am always thinking of you, I have finally completed my project to enlarge the window of my favourite house. This means I can poke my nose through and there is enough room for you to feed me treats. This also means I don't need to get out of bed every time I want a snack...
  7. Swissgreys

    Three Kings Day by Ruby

    Today in Switzerland it is Three Kings Day (Dreikönigstag). On 3 kings day you buy a special bread, and everyone in the family gets to choose one piece. Inside one of the pieces is a small plastic king, and the person with the king in their bread gets to wear a crown and be in charge of...
  8. Swissgreys

    A House Guest by Ruby

    Over Christmas we have had a house guest. At first I did not like this house guest at all. All of the slaves kept saying how cute and lovely she was, when everyone knows that I am always the cutest and loveliest one in our house. The big slave spent lots of time fussing and getting things ready...
  9. Swissgreys

    A Photo Shoot by Ruby

    Allow me, faithful Forum piggies, to translate a conversation I had with the big slave (the boring one) today. Big Slave: Ahh, Ruby I have a plan for something fun we can do today Translation: Ahh Ruby, I have a plan for something that will most definitely not be fun, and will only benefit me...
  10. Swissgreys

    The Mystery Cage by Ruby

    Last night was a very strange evening in our home. The big slave (the boring one) was clattering around for ages, which was very inconvenient as she chose the exact time that I was planning to clatter around and draw attention to myself. She really is very inconsiderate. After much clattering...
  11. Swissgreys

    A special breakfast for Ruby

    On Sunday we were sitting down to a relaxing family breakfast when we had the following conversation. For those of you who are not aware DD1 (dear daughter1) is Ruby’s devoted slave. DD1: Poor Ruby she is really sad. Me: She doesn’t sound sad. She is thundering up and down the cage wheeking...
  12. Swissgreys

    Ruby is not a Spoilt Diva by Ruby's Slave

    Me: Honestly I can not believe how spoilt and demanding Ruby is. DD1: She isn’t that demanding. You make her out to be so much worse than she really is. Me: OK, let’s take a video of how she behaves the minute she hears your voice. DD: Of course. I think everyone who sees this will say her...
  13. Swissgreys

    Oh Ruby by The Boring Big Slave

    Yesterday during her health check Ruby had lost 32 grams. This isn't in any way alarming, as although her weight is fairly stable, it does fluctuate by anywhere up to 40 grams each week. But as it was a loss I did give her a slightly more thorough check than usual. All seemed in order so I...
  14. Swissgreys

    No Lawn Time by Ruby

    Today the big slave (the boring one) has been very busy. She keeps going into the garden and muttering about 'snuggle safes' and 'thermal covers'. I don't know what those things are, but they don't sound very exciting. Every time she comes back inside I wheek loudly to remind her that it's been...
  15. Swissgreys

    Let's play a game by Ruby

    Hello fellow Forum Piggies. I thought it might be nice for us to play a game together. Initially I though it would be fun to schedule a Zoom call until the big slave (the boring one) reminded me of the ‘no piggies in Zoom calls ever’ rule that she had to implement following one small incident...
  16. Swissgreys

    A very special birthday

    A certain piggy has a very special birthday coming up. The invitations went out today. Sadly due to Covid restrictions gathering of more than 5 are currently not permitted. Happily the special piggy in question doesn't have that many friends anyway :lol:
  17. Swissgreys

    Receiving post by Ruby

    As most of you probably already know, I am actually quite famous. This is because I am a natural born leader and influencer. So whilst the big slave got all excited about the post today , I just took it in my stride when she told me the letter was addressed to me too. Of course it was - fan...
  18. Swissgreys

    Cold Hay by Ruby

    Today we had fresh hay trays - this in itself is actually quite nice (I love my hay tray), but the big slave (the one who is usually quite boring) put it in my cage, I jumped in, squeaked a couple of times and jumped straight back out. Then I jumped in again (fresh hay trays are so exciting)...
  19. Swissgreys

    I Am Starving by Ruby

    This week the big slave is doing ‘special home office’. Normally when she does home office she does some work, and then lays on the sofa with a packet of biscuits and moans about how hard she is working. This week there are other people in our house doing home office with the big slave, which...
  20. Swissgreys

    Branch day by Ruby

    In our home Sunday is 'Branch Day'. This week it was mulberry, and I was very happy becasue I like mulberry leaves a lot and ate mine very quickly. Harry is a bit silly becasue he likes to move his around the cage and not eat it all at once. He doesn't seem to understand you must eat everything...