1. Swissgreys

    If your guinea pig could talk...

    Today at lunch time we were having a conversation about what our guinea pigs would say if they could talk. Ruby Don't touch me. I don't like you. Or you. Or anyone actually. Why did you give me a green bean. You know I don't like green beans. If you touch my nails I will bite you. Lucy Thank...
  2. Swissgreys

    A Ruby question from DD1.

    Just to clarify that DD1 (Dear Daughter 1) is 13, and the one and only person that Ruby likes (aside from my Aunt who lives in Australia and is therefore not a regular vistor in our home in Switzerland). DD1: Mum, if i ask you a question do you promise to give me an honest answer? Me: Yes. Well...
  3. Teazel 2017

    Happy birthday Ruby!

    Today was Ruby's [my Sheltie] 1st birthday!
  4. Swissgreys

    Ruby's Baytril Face

    Ruby is currently on a course of Baytril to treat a bladder infection. Ruby does not like Baytril. This is now know in our house as her 'Baytril Face'. Sorry Ruby. We do love you really.
  5. Swissgreys

    I Don't Think She Is Doing Homework...

    Ah the joy of pre-teen children in the house. Me: DD1 I think before you settle down to cuddle Ruby, you should probably get your homework finished. DD1: It's ok. I am doing my homework. Me: Really? Because from where I am standing it looks like you are cuddling Ruby, and I am fairly sure...
  6. Swissgreys

    Ruby - Could She Be More Difficult?

    Hi. My name is Ruby. I like to bite people.
  7. Swissgreys

    The Best Present Ever (according To Dd1)

    DD1 (dear daughter 1) is 12 years old. She is difficult to buy for because she really doesn't want much actual 'stuff'. So this year her main present from us (Mum and Dad) was a framed magazine cover. She loved it. She also cried she was so happy, and it has been pronounced to be the absolute...
  8. Swissgreys

    Ruby Is Very Angry With Me.

    A few times a year Ruby gets a quick bum bath. Despite being a bit of an antisocial madam, she has always been very good about her baths. Last week she needed a quick rinse, so I popped her into the sink, and got DD1 to be on standby with the shampoo. Despite Ruby being very well behaved, I...
  9. Swissgreys

    But Who Will Cuddle Ruby?

    I was in the kitchen tonight, and DD1 wandered in with a note book and pencil. DD1: Mum, what are your plans for tomorrow? Me: Well once you girls are in school I will work for a couple of hours, then cook lunch, and in the afternoon I am hoping to do some sewing, but will probably end up doing...
  10. Swissgreys

    Filling The Hay Bags (or Not).

    The girls come home from school for lunch 2 hours, and as it doesn't take them that long to eat, they both usually do something with the guinea pigs or rabbits over that time (in addition to cuddling them). Today DD1 was supposed to clean out the hay trays and fill the hay bags. She did the hay...
  11. Swissgreys

    Sweet, Sweet Ruby.

    A friend came to visit the other day, and was fascinated by the guinea pigs. She fell instantly in love with Ruby, and wanted to hold her. We said she could hold Lucy or Eddi, but not Ruby. We explained that Ruby is a bit 'special' and only likes DD1 to touch and handle her, and as far as...
  12. Swissgreys

    I Try, Really I Do.

    Even if I do say so myself, my guinea pigs have nice things. I but them lots of natural wooden items for their cages. I sew them a constant supply of lovely fleecy things. They all live in decent sized C&C cages. And I think 3 out of our 4 guinea pigs are truly happy, and appreciate a life...
  13. Swissgreys

    Guinea Pig Magazine - By Ruby

    Oh how exciting, the latest guinea pig magazine has arrived. I love this magazine. Look at that tribe - I would love to live there - so many guinea pigs to be grumpy with, and chatter my teeth at. But wait. That isn't a photo of me. What page is my picture on? What do you mean there...
  14. Swissgreys

    The 'best' Ruby Photo Ever.

    Today DD1 informed me that she had taken the 'best Ruby photo ever'. She asked if we could have it printed, and put it in a frame for her bedroom. Naturally I agreed, and had visions of an artistic photo of Ruby relaxing on her platform in the sunshine, or gazing wistfully into the camera...
  15. Swissgreys

    Ruby - Traumatising Small Children Since 2016

    Ahh, guinea pigs - the perfect pet for children (and their responsible parent of course). We have a pretty constant stream of children through our house, and most of them adore the guinea pigs. Today was no exception - the girls had friends over to play and it was all going well. Until one of...