1. Swissgreys

    The Mystery Cage by Ruby

    Last night was a very strange evening in our home. The big slave (the boring one) was clattering around for ages, which was very inconvenient as she chose the exact time that I was planning to clatter around and draw attention to myself. She really is very inconsiderate. After much clattering...
  2. Swissgreys

    A special breakfast for Ruby

    On Sunday we were sitting down to a relaxing family breakfast when we had the following conversation. For those of you who are not aware DD1 (dear daughter1) is Ruby’s devoted slave. DD1: Poor Ruby she is really sad. Me: She doesn’t sound sad. She is thundering up and down the cage wheeking...
  3. Swissgreys

    Ruby is not a Spoilt Diva by Ruby's Slave

    Me: Honestly I can not believe how spoilt and demanding Ruby is. DD1: She isn’t that demanding. You make her out to be so much worse than she really is. Me: OK, let’s take a video of how she behaves the minute she hears your voice. DD: Of course. I think everyone who sees this will say her...
  4. Swissgreys

    Oh Ruby by The Boring Big Slave

    Yesterday during her health check Ruby had lost 32 grams. This isn't in any way alarming, as although her weight is fairly stable, it does fluctuate by anywhere up to 40 grams each week. But as it was a loss I did give her a slightly more thorough check than usual. All seemed in order so I...
  5. Swissgreys

    No Lawn Time by Ruby

    Today the big slave (the boring one) has been very busy. She keeps going into the garden and muttering about 'snuggle safes' and 'thermal covers'. I don't know what those things are, but they don't sound very exciting. Every time she comes back inside I wheek loudly to remind her that it's been...
  6. Swissgreys

    Let's play a game by Ruby

    Hello fellow Forum Piggies. I thought it might be nice for us to play a game together. Initially I though it would be fun to schedule a Zoom call until the big slave (the boring one) reminded me of the ‘no piggies in Zoom calls ever’ rule that she had to implement following one small incident...
  7. Swissgreys

    A very special birthday

    A certain piggy has a very special birthday coming up. The invitations went out today. Sadly due to Covid restrictions gathering of more than 5 are currently not permitted. Happily the special piggy in question doesn't have that many friends anyway :lol:
  8. Swissgreys

    Receiving post by Ruby

    As most of you probably already know, I am actually quite famous. This is because I am a natural born leader and influencer. So whilst the big slave got all excited about the post today , I just took it in my stride when she told me the letter was addressed to me too. Of course it was - fan...
  9. Swissgreys

    Cold Hay by Ruby

    Today we had fresh hay trays - this in itself is actually quite nice (I love my hay tray), but the big slave (the one who is usually quite boring) put it in my cage, I jumped in, squeaked a couple of times and jumped straight back out. Then I jumped in again (fresh hay trays are so exciting)...
  10. Swissgreys

    I Am Starving by Ruby

    This week the big slave is doing ‘special home office’. Normally when she does home office she does some work, and then lays on the sofa with a packet of biscuits and moans about how hard she is working. This week there are other people in our house doing home office with the big slave, which...
  11. Swissgreys

    Branch day by Ruby

    In our home Sunday is 'Branch Day'. This week it was mulberry, and I was very happy becasue I like mulberry leaves a lot and ate mine very quickly. Harry is a bit silly becasue he likes to move his around the cage and not eat it all at once. He doesn't seem to understand you must eat everything...
  12. Swissgreys

    A guide to hot weather by Ruby

    Right now the weather is very warm in some places. It is extremely important that we piggies make sure to keep up with our slave training at times like this. My top tips for making sure your slaves stay focused on you, and don’t go spending too much time outside enjoying the hot weather are as...
  13. Swissgreys

    Happy Ruby

    I know I often post on here about what a difficult guinea pig Ruby is, so today I thought I would share a short video of 'Happy Ruby'. Ruby is one of those strange guinea pigs who actually adores attention and being stroked. By one person anyway. If I was to try this I would likely loose a...
  14. Swissgreys

    How to sew a 'Ruby Hammock'

    To make a Ruby* Hammock you will need; 2 pieces of fleece 27cm x 34cm 1 piece of fleece 16x 32cm 4 ribbons/ties 30cm long Place 1 piece 27x34 fleece right side up. Lay 16x32cm piece along the long side. Fold ribbons/ties in half and place 1 in each corner. Place remaining 27x34cm piece...
  15. Swissgreys

    COVID-19 Corona virus by Ruby

    Right now there is a thing called Corona virus. Corona virus means that the small slaves get to stay at home all the time. This is a good thing because small slaves are like guinea pigs - they always need more snacks. So they open the fridge door a lot, and then we wheek a lot, and then everyone...
  16. Swissgreys

    Ruby - could she be any more spoilt?

    Me: You need to stop over indulging Ruby all the time. No wonder she has social issues and no idea she is actually a guinea pig. DD1: You are so harsh. Ruby is not spoilt - she just has very high standards. Me: She is a diva and you are her enabler. DD1: She is complex, and you just don't...
  17. Swissgreys

    COVID-19 Social distancing guinea pig style

    I thought it might be a bit of fun to share photos of our guinea pigs and their take on social distancing. No we can't share my hammock Harry - we are supposed to be practicing social distancing.
  18. Swissgreys

    My own fault really

    Apparently it's my own fault. If I was nicer to Ruby I could be on her team when we play Harry Potter trivial pursuit, and then I wouldn't always loose. We are on Day 3 of the corona virus lock-down and I am being beaten at trivial pursuit by a guinea pig. It's going to be a looooong month :))
  19. Swissgreys

    Ruby - Saturday is the big day

    Ahh Ruby, sweet, difficult Ruby. Our guinea pig who has fallen out with 5 other guinea pigs in the last 4 years. Our guinea pig who doesn't seem to like girls, or boys, or people (except for 1). But I suddenly and unexpectedly find myself with a boar and a sow, who live quite happily side by...
  20. Swissgreys

    Kardashians - piggy style

    Tonight my teenager came up with a fantastic plan (fantastic according to her and her teenage friend anyway). We should create a TV series about guinea pigs in the style of Keeping up with the Kardashians. Apparently there is as much drama and flouncing in our piggy cages as in the Kardashian...