1. Lou142

    Tooth Grinding/ Rumbling

    My Guinea pig, Flora has started making quite low pitched rumbling/grinding sounds. I'm not quite sure if she is grinding her teeth or if she is making this noise another way. It's quite a hard noise to describe but it kind of sounds like she's trying to make a rumbling sound but not very well...
  2. A

    Can't Tell Who Is Dominant Or If Both Are Submissive?

    I just introduced two boars to each other tonight. Momo approached totoro making happy squeaking noises, but then stretched out and made these intense vibrating/rumbling noises and rubbed his body all over totoro. Totoro didn't really run but jumped around a little (couldn't tell if it was...
  3. FayeM

    Rumbling And Bum Shaking

    hi I have 2 ten week old boars. One of them does a lot of rumbling and bum shaking/slow walking which I read was a mating thing but they are brothers is this normal? Also when the other doesn't respond he gives him a nip! Thanks in advance