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runny nose

  1. L

    One runny nostril, gentamicin?

    Hello all, My 1.5-2yo (rescue so unsure of exact age) boar Pollen developed clear, thin discharge from only his right nostril 2 nights ago. He also seems to have some increased tearing of his right eye. He is otherwise behaving totally normally, eating/drinking normally, and peeing and pooping...
  2. N

    vets just don’t know. Guinea pig sneezing a lot/ 1 runny nostril metcam not working.

    Hi has anyone had this issue before or is there a vet that can help? My Guinea pig has been sneezing very often for 2 months and getting a runny nose (just one nostril & clear fluid) He’s absolutely fine in himself the vets say it’s NOT an infection because the runny nose is clear and he’s...
  3. G

    Runny one nostril

    Hi, I have just noticed my guinea pig gingy continuesly sneeze a few times in a row and clear discharge leaking from only 1 nostril. He is not lethargic, doesn't have crusty eyes or nose, just wet and runny, only when he sneezes.
  4. D

    dry ears and minimal hair loss on nose

    my guinea pig Eddy has had a runny nose for a couple of months now, but there was one day that some snot that dripped from his nose got a little crusty right under his nostril. I got rid of it with a q-tip and some water but after I realized there was no fur under where the crusty bugger was. is...
  5. ChloeP

    A trip to the vets for Nettles runny nose 🤞

    I've just got back from seeing the vet because one of my boys (only 10 weeks) developed a runny nose (clear liquid) over the last week and the occasional sneeze. He's not had any problems with his eating, pooping, peeing, rasping breathing or mood but I wanted to be safe and rule out anything...
  6. PeachyPie

    Snuffles and lumps

    Hello, My piggy Pumba started showing signs of runny nose and eyes a couple of weeks back. I took him to the vet and she thought he didn't look that bad and gave him an antibiotic injection. She said she didn't think he needed anything else but I could take baytril if I wanted and use it if I...
  7. Sweetpiggums

    Sick pig- advice needed urgent

    Our 3 1/2 year old guinea pig seems to be suffering from a really bad cold. symptoms are: very runny nose, sneezing, has not been eating great the last few days and this morning he had totally stopped eating. After visit to the vet today, where they gave antibiotics, metacam and critical care...
  8. SunnyLizB

    Bedding Dust - help

    We recently bought some pine bedding by mistake. Not only are the peices huge and a bit rough, we didn't realize it was pine. Now our guinea pig, Ceasar, is sneezing like crazy and even the occasional cough. He has a runny nose as well. Having him in a separate room while we tried to air this...
  9. L

    Runny nose

    The only times he has runny nose is only when he's in his cage and even then it doesn't happen often (what the cage contains: litter, his own pillow and hay), but when he goes out everything is fine again. Should I change something in the cage? Or is it something worse?
  10. L

    Runny nose

    Hey, I'm very worried as I woke up today and saw that my guinea pig has runny nose. Other than that he seems normal. Should I just watch him or go to vet as soon as possible? 😭😧
  11. Casady R

    Sudden Death

    I had two piggies about 6 months ago and both were well fed with hay and had fresh water. I take them out of the cage and let them roam around my room for exercise but make sure they don't eat anything while they are out. One afternoon I left for work and didn't come back until the next day only...
  12. Leithall

    Pig Lost Weight Rapidly And Crusty Nose?

    My guinea pig Fleur has lost at least half of her body weight within the last month, she's also had a crusty ear two weeks ago. I took her to the vets but they couldn't find anything wrong with her... I noticed yesterday that she had a very crusty nose so must have a runny nose and she had a...
  13. Beans&Toast

    Beans Has A Runny Nose And Sneezing

    I'm panicking about Beans. Last night I noticed a bit of of a wet nose, and the same this morning. She's sneezed a few times too. Obviously I'm panicking about a URI or something. Or could it be that she constantly burrows in hay? She usually has some green in her nostrils from burrowing in...
  14. W

    Runy Nose After Hectic Car Trip

    I took my two guinea pigs to the vet a couple days ago because of a slight crackling noise coming from the nose. The vet said everything was fine with their lungs and it was probably a slight irritation on the nose because of the change of bedding to fleece that could cause a build up of pee...
  15. Zelsi

    Congested Guinea Pig (seen The Vet 3 Times)

    Hi All! I have a piggy called Monty who is just over 2 years old. He lives with his brother Trevor. Trevor's fine and doesn't have any problems. They live in a massive cage with a paper based bedding. It's got a hay rack in it as well of course, with water, pellets etc. I've had guinea pigs...
  16. Lunaandmaggie

    Worrie And Runny Nose

    So I just got a guinea pig from the store. And she has harness around her nose and she sneezes I don't know what that means but I'm very worried do you guys have any advice for me? Thank you her name is Maggie by the way she's so cute I don't want her to get hurt.
  17. CraigGlasgow

    Snotty Nose/sneezing But Clear Chest, Cause For Concern?

    So Weasley's still suffering slightly from his bloat although it is getting better, managing a few days of semi-decent poos enough to start experimenting with veg. He has however throught this whole process had small amounts of eye crust, bouts of sneezing and sort of pulsing/hiccupy motions...
  18. L

    2 Month Old Guinea Female Sneezing

    Our newest addition to our family is Bree. She is absolutely adorable. Her and a two year old that we rescued about a month ago are our first. We have researched the web about sneezing and are pretty scared. Bree has only been with us for five days. She has begun talking and isnt quite as...
  19. P

    Drooling And Runny Nose

    Hey My male Guinea pig Yuki has been drooling excessively like all the way down to his belly , he also has a runny nose and eyes and he won't eat anything although I have seen him drink once I know this is a get him to the vet asap! But I cannot get there until tomorrow I'm really worried as...