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  1. S

    Cats and guinea pigs in the same house?

    Hello! I'm a long-time guinea pig owner and hoping to get a cat at some point in the future. I would love to hear from some of you who have both and how you keep your guinea pigs safe. My guinea pigs live inside. I am aware that they would need an enclosure with a very secure lid and with...
  2. kerry3383

    Would this be safe to have near my guinea pigs cage?

    Our pigs stay in the living room with us, their smell isn’t bad as we clean them regularly but there is still a smell and I worry when guests are over that it’s actually worse than we think and we’re just used to it you know? Saw this pet deodoriser wall plug in in the shop and thought it...
  3. bbddf

    Boar Neuter/Castration Support!

    Hi guinea lovers, I've had some amazing help on here, some of which I haven't always had time to respond to, but is much appreciated. This is an amazing online community and I am grateful for all of the information here. I have my two boars who fell out booked in for neutering on the 25th...
  4. Hannahb2804

    Are log tunnels safe?

    Recently bought a log tunnel from a pet shop which I saw a lot of people have and I thought it would be good for the piggies, but I’ve heard stories of their feet getting caught? I’ve done my best to take photos of the gaps in them and what the tunnel looks like (they look bigger on the photo I...
  5. B

    C&C Cage Safety!

    I just built my piggies a whole new cage, but I worry that I've majorly screwed up. I have 7x7 hole grids and I've been told that that is unsafe. I can't exactly afford to build a whole other one right now and my grandparents would get extremely angry if I did. What can I do?
  6. Guineapigfeet

    Candle warning

    Hi, I just wanted to share a very frightening experience in the hope it won’t happen to anyone else. We all know how dangerous it is to leave candles burning unattended. Fire crews come into schools and drill this into us. But at 530 yesterday morning my next door neighbours’ house burnt down...
  7. Shadow22


    I was at a pet store and saw an entire display of outfits for guinea pigs, and was wondering if it was safe? I liked the Santa hats and wanted to dress up my own piggies, but wasn't sure. The outfits dont look like they would come off easily, and I was wondering what if it got stuck? Or caught...
  8. R

    Wood Varnish Safe For Guinea Pigs?

    Hello, I recently bought this flat cut of wood and wanted to use it as the occasional veggie dish for my pigs. My issue is that i would like to coat it with a protective varnish to make the wood "water resistant" & easier to clean. Is it not recommended to do so even if I find an animal safe...
  9. B

    Blocking A Ramp?

    hi there, I just got two sows about 7weeks old and I have a two storey hutch however the ramp is too daunting for babies so I want to block it off is Mdf wood safe to cover the opening it's slightly raised but is very stable and secure as I want them to be on the top level where the sleeping...
  10. H

    Is Primperan 1mg/ml Safe?

    Hello people, 3 days ago, during their weekly weighing I noticed that one of my girls, Kelda, had dropped from 1025g to 980g. I inmediatly switched from weekly to daily weighing and started to monitor their eating more closely. She seemed to eat properly, leaving some veggies that they just...
  11. bumbling-bambi

    Incense Around Piggies?

    Myself and my partner both absolutely love to burn a little bit of incense to keep our house smelling nice! Now we haven't done so since we got our piglets because we couldn't find anything online to say if it was safe or not - so seeing as I've joined this forum i thought you would be the best...
  12. RJade

    Ramp Problems!

    Hi! Two days ago I bought three male guinea pigs from a breeder and I've put them in the two tier hutch. i left them in there for about 20 minutes and watched them, I'm unsure if they were just being skittish due to travel and a new environment, but they just kept dropping down the gap not...
  13. Sammy!

    Is It Safe To Keep Guinea Pigs While Pregnant?

    I am the proud owner of three boars aged 6, 5 & 1 and am currently 15 weeks pregnant with my first child. I've recently been told by a friend that Guinea pigs potentially carry a virus called lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus (LCMV) and I should avoid contact with them and their bedding etc. My...