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satin disease

  1. I

    Is he a satin? Does he have osteodystrophy?

    My little Bilbo (male) has started having trouble with one of his back legs. He is walking abnormaly and hopping around. When he is laying down, he lift his leg. It doesn't appear to be broken. He doesn't complain when I touch it. I don't know how to explain it, but the only thing I felt on his...
  2. Z

    Possible Satin Pig?

    Hello! Just wanted to drop a quick question and find out how guinea pigs are diagnosed as Satin? Is it a blood or medical test or simply by the look of the fur? My 1year old Rex keeps hurting her feet (a front on once and a the same back one twice) and I’m worried about whether this is simply...
  3. Parnassus

    PSA: My Beloved Satin and Osteodystrophy

    A PSA, Ode to my beloved, and a BIG middle finger to unethical breeders. This is my beloved and our first/longest had guinea pig in the home. She's the one that started it all 3 years ago. She is such an important life to us. Yesterday, when we left her at the vets for x-rays and blood tests, I...