scab on ear

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    Please help, very concerned

    I recently adopted another guinea pig yesterday and while checking him out for anything weird I came across many things. First off, he has weird black scabs in his ears and one of his ears are red and kinda swollen. Secondly, there’s this weird scab behind his ear with a little hair loss there...
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    Help- white scab on ear?

    Hello! First post. So my brother got a guinea pig for his birthday, (it was an impulse buy from my mom and he does not have the right set up, trying to convince her to get a bigger cage, but that’s besides the point-) and today I noticed he has a whitish patch of crust on the top of his ear and...
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    Scratched Off Scab

    My guinea pig had a wound on her ear from where the other one nipped at her. It scabbed over nicely, but she scratched it off. Now it’s an even bigger, bloody wound and she has blood on her. How do I help her without seeing a vet?