1. Lunaandmaggie

    Will It Ever Happen

    Hello, so my one piggie lost her cage mate hermione coming on 5 months now. We are very saddened by her death. But we got Luna the on piggie left a cage mate and Luna hates Maggie the new one she made her bleed today I have tried everything and Luna it's getting more clingy to me and Maggie...
  2. Lunaandmaggie

    Urinating A Lot

    So my piggie Luna has been peeing everywhere, I am holding her and she urinated on me 7 times and my cousin 5 times in like 2 hours. It's really worrying. Dose anyone know what that means?
  3. Elgifu321

    Themed Cage Items: Halloween :)

    I love a good opportunity to decorate the cage and buy new toys, chews and cozy items but I can never find anything for Halloween! I've got a skull fleece which I might make into strips to put over my usual liners from ziggys and I've made a pumpkin hidey (took me a whole day but I love it!)...
  4. S

    Limping Pig?

    Earlier today I was grooming my 4 year old female Guinea pig,Sunny, on their normal grooming table when she jumped off. The table is only about not even two feet above the ground. She didn't land too hard, but she did land on laminate tile. When she fell she didn't wheej or squeal in distress. I...