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  1. kokopop

    she started screaming.

    my piggie started screaming after a few months of using her indoor voice. she used to wheek like a maniac when she was younger (2-6 months old) but since then, the intensity, volume, and occurrences have lowered. until today. i opened the fridge and pulled out the veggie compartment and she...
  2. 0

    Submission squealing (3x young sisters)

    Hello! I've read a lot of sticky guides from here before posting. (I work homeoffice so I'm almost alway around the three troublemakes.) There was a hierarchy shuffle between my three 16 month-old sisters. The girl in question doesn't seem to cope well with being the lowest rank now, down to...
  3. sundaepig

    old gal SCREAMING

    hello! recently my single piggie cashew has started to SCREAM. not just wheek, full out panic screams. she does this when I am in the room and when I'm not. she has fresh food, fresh bedding, fresh water... shes also started to chew on the metal bars of her cage whenever I'm in the room and then...
  4. Maddy_Loves_Animals

    My roughly 4 month old piggy bunny hops and issues with how Petland cares for pets

    Basically I was wondering if I could do something to help calm and soothe Luna so she doesn’t scream as much and figure out what the bunny hopping is. Below is a very long explanation to Luna’s background if you want to read. She was also very very tiny when I bought her and looked roughly 2...
  5. NuggetPipey

    Nugget and Pipey's sensitive spot

    When I scratch Nugget or Pipey on the hindquarters, they both react different. Pipey screams, turns and tries to bite me, while Nugget purrs and rubs his face on the ground. Why do they wonder about their areas getting touched so much?
  6. Callia

    Piggy Making Low Scream

    Hey, my guinea pig Galibi has been making this strange noise for the past two days. Its like this low screech/moan? Anyway, some background info: I was on here about a year and a half ago about mites, thankfully she's okay now and the vet gave her medicine that would even prevent another...
  7. Nbw_835

    Chewing Bars?

    My guinea pig was in a glass tank for the first 4 and a half months of her life. I bult her a cage (a very large one) and all she does is chew on the bars like she wants out. Is this normal? She has also started asking to be picked up and then biting and she screams loudly if I leave her alone...
  8. CavyIris

    Bullying?, Should I Separate For Good?

    Hi, I have 2 sows that i have had for a little over 2 weeks now. They are 8-9 weeks old. But I'm really worried that they arent getting along at all. They are named Milou and Tintin. Milou an abyssian and tintin I'm not sure he is short haired, american? is that a breed? However Milou is chasing...
  9. CavyIris

    Fighting Guinea Pigs, I'm Scared. Please Help!

    Hi I'm new to guinea pigs and I'm really worried they arent getting along at all. They are Female and 7-8 weeks old. I brought them home 2 weeks exactly from now. They are biting each other how ever there hasnt been any blood drawn so ive never interupted them (good or bad?) They chase each other...
  10. HenryRalph

    Very Sore Swollen Eye

    hey everyone, I'm so worried about Henry.. This morning he was absolutely fine and I've come back this evening and got him out for a cuddle and his eye is completely swollen and closed, it looks so so sore. To start with he seemed a bit lifeless but I'm not sure if that's because he is just...
  11. Piggiemum7

    Screaming Piggy!:(

    Noticed some very red blood around jerry's bottom area and there's a little bit of pinkiness in his wee wee. I've got him out on a towel for a cuddle and he keeps screeching, screaming,tensing up and lurching forward like he's trying to push wee out that's not there. First thought is cystitis...