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separate two adult sows

  1. Lisa07

    Mixed herd bonding fail

    Hi, I hope you can help. 1 month ago I adopted a neutered boar (18 m) and a sow (8 m) from the RSPCA to join my trio of sows 1 is 8 m and 2 sisters at 6 months. The trio were never close but tolerated each other with the occasional squabble between the sisters. A couple of fights but no blood...
  2. cashewandpeppa

    Teeth grinding at cagemate

    My two girls Cashew and Peppa have been bonded for almost one year now. Peppa has been boss pig since day 1, and she is a serious boss - stronger dominance than I’ve seen in most boars. Cashew is super content as lowest pig and never challenges Peppa, ever. Needed context: The two of them are...