1. C

    HELP! Bite wounds to eye and ears

    I went on vacation for seven days, and left my guinea pigs with a pet sitter. We gave them in a slightly smaller cage, since the other couldn’t fit in the car. I gave him instruction on feeding, cleaning, etc.. When we came back, we had dinner with them. In the middle of dinner Cinnamon started...
  2. Sach15

    Male And Female Guinea Pigs

    I have 6 sows and 1 boar. The boar is coming up to 3 weeks so we are going to separate him from the sows. We are not sure whether to get him castrated and them put him back in with the sows or just separate him and get him a friend. They live in a 6x4 shed with boxes etc. Could you keep him in...
  3. Cherim

    2 Brothers, Depression?

    Hi all, I rescued two piggies, Charlie and Alfie, 3 year old brothers a few days ago. Whenever we visited them at the sanctuary Alfie (the smaller of the two) came out, was more inquisitive, braver, and came up to us. When we got home they explored their cage (1mx1m) and seemed okay. I remove...