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seperated sows

  1. Beans&Toast

    Desperate for help with 2 failed bondings

    Unfortunately I've ended up with 2 single pigs separated after a failed bonding and I'm desperate to know if anyone thinks there is any hope at all to salvage this bonding. I got Coconut, an 18 month sow, approx 6 months ago, for my 3 year old sow, Biscuit, who was left solo after her sister...
  2. Bekialice

    Baby Refusing To Bond

    Hiya, we have two adult sows (6 years old) and two baby sows (around 6 months). When we attempted to bond at 3 months old, baby Luna took REALLY well to the adult pigs and brought new life into them. She's going on adventures all the time and cuddling them at night and the adults love her...
  3. Beans&Toast

    Too Soon To Seperate?

    This morning I felt I had to temporarily seperate the pigs with a divider. Yesterday Beans appeared to have came into a particularly strong season and was pestering Toast quite a bit, but I left them to it. However, this morning, Beans was being very forceful and relentless trying to mount...