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serving amount

  1. G

    Veggie servings

    Hi! I have two boars (Patches and Carmal). After a lot of research I settled on 1 cup of veggies for each of them per day. Currently, I feed them 3 times a day. Kind of like breakfast lunch dinner. I don’t feed them a cup per meal. Instead, I feed 1/3 of the cup at each meal. I’m deciding...
  2. Lil3piggies

    Vegetables And Nuggets!

    Hi guys! I've read a lot about how much guinea pigs should be eating of veg and nuggets but I've read a lot of different things so I'm a bit confused. Vegetables What food can they eat daily? And how much veg should they be having each day? Nuggets The nuggets that I have suggest 60grams...