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set up

  1. L

    Set up for 3 boars

    does this set up look suitable, in the biggest pen I have a bonded pair of boars, and in the smaller 2 pens I have a roughly 1 year old boar and then a roughly 5 year old boar. The two that are on their own I was hoping to bond however they haven’t taken to each other hence why they’re separate...
  2. laylaonwheels

    Do I need pee pads?

    So I’m gonna get Guinea pigs soon and I’m going to use fleece bedding and I was wondering if you need the small pee pads everyone I see that use fleece has them so I was just wondering if there necessary?
  3. G

    Guinea pig newbie.

    Hi there, another thread from me! I have recently rehomed 2 boars from a rescue on Saturday (they are both definitely male and the lady showed me their bits). 6 and 12 weeks old. I'm wondering how you all set up their cages? I have been told by the rescue lady that I should put newspaper on...
  4. Flinty

    Dog safe indoor guinea pig set ups?

    Hello, lovely people! I may soon be moving house, and in the new home I will finally be able to have my own dog (something I've thought about every day for a good few years) I have two guinea pigs who currently live in a 6X2 CC enclosure, and I'm looking for ways in the new home for the...
  5. violetgirl

    Adequate Set Up?

    I just adopted a new 4 year old guinea pig named Violet and I'm wondering if the basic set up that she came with is enough. There is a small loft with a ramp on one side. There is a food bowl and water bowl attached to the wall of the cage at the height of the ramp so that she has to climb onto...
  6. Keiko The Pig

    Opinions On New Cage?

    Hi, so this is not an infamous C&C cage, but I would like thoughts on it. Right now I have one young boar (3months) in a cage that can only house one pig, I am searching for a friend for him and came upon this. It is from The Guinea Pig Store which is an online store based very close to me, I am...