shedding hair

  1. T

    Any advice as to why my boar sheds so much?

    Hiya there, I have 3 boars and they are all abby/Peruvian mix breed. So they all have very long and fluffy hair. My one pig Ares his more on the Abby side with lots of swirls. He is 1 years old and 3 months as of today, ever since he was 4 months old he has shed a lot . I mean ALOT, like a dog...
  2. Prasiddha

    Guinea pigs hair loss

    My piggy are all looking healthy and happy. Also I give them nutritious diet with fresh water. I have 2 cages with 2 girls and 2 boys. It is really hot and humid here. I have kept them in a room where there is a/c and fan. I somehow make sure I keep the temperature friendly and less hot for...