sick piggie

  1. Phoenix1998

    Making the right call for jaw problems

    Hi, One of my girls has been having some issues with her jaw for a while now. She developed an abscess just before Christmas in her right cheek. We treated with antibiotics, draining and flushing it. That cleared up well and she was fine again. She never really stopped eating, just slowed down...
  2. D

    Bacrium and uri

    I added a photo of the dosage of Bactrim that I have I have one pig that is 485g and one that is 796g the tablets I have are 800-160 my tabs what is the dosage they should have the only vet near us that sees pigs said that’s what they proscribe and I happened to have it at the house I’m between...
  3. G

    UTI prevention

    Hi friends I am VERY stressed out (that's an understatement) My piggy Wilbur is being treated for a UTI, and now that he's almost done his treatment his cage mate Babe just started peeing blood today. WHY IS THIS HAPPENING?! I keep their cage spic and span, I change their fleece once every three...
  4. C

    Are my piggies sick again?

    Hello I have 3 guinea pigs, 2 live together the one is on his own. They are all 11 months old I’ve had them since the start of this year. The Guinean pig living by himself had a respiratory infection around march this year. Then the 2 piggies living together but had respiratory infections in...
  5. Molly03

    Emergency My guinea pig isn’t moving and hasn’t eaten

    Usually my albino guinea pig Alfie is full of life and loves having a run about, when I went to clean his and his brothers cage I realised he wasn’t acting himself, his eyes looked tired and his fur was puffed up. Usually he gets very excited when I clean the cage because he gets more time to...
  6. rinlalin

    Piggie At Vet

    hi guys, my last post was asking if my baby pepé's breathing was okay. you all promptly told me he should be seem by a vet. we just left petsmart—they happily took him back and gave me a temporary refund. he's currently on his way to see the doctor and they'll keep me updated over phone calls...