silly piggy

  1. Hiimkrystle

    Eating fleece

    Well everyone, looks like Eve ate some fleece last week and now she has an overnight stay at the emergency vet to go poop. I had one of those fleece forests and she ate part of the strings that hang down. Safe to say, I'm sad and mad, but I know she will be feeling better soon and be back at...
  2. PerpLexxity

    Testing My Patience Ooooo

    Hello everybody, So today while I was cleaning the guinea pigs cage Gizmo decided to jump out of their playpen! He’s jumped out of his cage before *it now has a top dont worry* but never their playpen smh. Cleaning the cage is the job I hate most but of course I do it in a timely manner...
  3. Jennybug89

    The Look

    The "I'm still kinda mad at you over that bath yesterday but this kale does look very tempting" look haha