single boar

  1. C

    I have a lonely piggie! What should I do?

    Hello, I recently adopted three female piggies. My younger sister (she's 13) got a male guinea pig a while ago. I think she just bought him from a pet store and didn't do much research beforehand. His diet is fine but his cage is a bit small and he doesn't live with a friend! Of course, her...
  2. Flapjack.the.piggie...

    This is Flapjack ❤️

    Here are some more pictures of Flapjack - eating veggies, his pouting face, him posing with his new sign i made and one when he managed to wedge himself in a roll af carpet 😂 - don’t worry he didn’t eat any and we lured him out with a pea flake 💖
  3. Vicvac28

    Delayed Grieving?

    I lost one of my beautiful boys to GDV on Monday, having to make the heartbreaking decision to have him put to sleep to end his pain. Now I have one piggie, Rex, all on his own suddenly. He got on really well with Houdini, was bossy but they rarely fought and I’d frequently see him grooming his...
  4. K


    Hi, I’m sorry if I posted this in the wrong forum firstly! However I’m looking to foster a male guinea pig due to losing one and having a single bereaving boy now, and I’m just wondering if anybody knows any sanctuaries etc that will foster to me in the Liverpool area? Surrounding is alright...
  5. S

    Caring for a single Guinea Pig?

    I'm a new Guinea Pig owner and despite all my research about caring for them nothing mentioned the need for having more then one. I only have one Guinea pig and I am unable to get a second for multiple reasons. What can I do to keep him happy despite being by himself?
  6. Hester

    Advice for lonely boar (with 2 other boars in same room)

    Hi Everyone :) Me and my partner aren't new to guinea pigs but we wanted a bit of advice on a problem we haven't had before. So we had a trio of brothers (all adopted together), which got on lovely for about a year and a bit (they have a nice custom big cage with lots of open hideys and toys...