single guinea pig

  1. Spoink

    Bereaved single Piggy.

    Hello, lovely forum. As some of you may or may not know, we lost our sweet Biscuit yesterday morning after a short battle with illness and not eating. I am not yet ready to post in the Rainbow thread, my heart is too tender. I have read the guides to looking after a bereaved Piggy, and just...
  2. Anastasia_GPM.

    Should I be worried about my piggy?

    So, here's my story, and why I'm concerned. This is probably going to be long, so I totally understand if you stop reading here. haha I got my first guinea pig November 10th 2018. Just a few months ago. It took a lot of convincing to get my parents to agree, so we agreed on just getting one. I...
  3. SophieBennett

    Lonely Guinea Pig Advice

    Hi everyone! So, I am a new piggy owner - I have taken on my mum's 4 year old entire boar, Ernie, whose friend (also a boar) passed away a couple of months ago. I have always been raised with guinea pigs but never had sole responsibility for one up until about 4 weeks ago! He lives outdoors in...
  4. Brona

    Caring for a single guinea after loss of other

    Hi, We’ve just had to put one of our guinea pigs down due to a bad illness and as heartbreaking as it is we want to make sure the other now single pig is going to be okay by himself. Does anyone have any tips on how to keep the single pig happy and okay? We just don’t want to lose both of our...
  5. Shelby._.

    Happier After The Loss Of A Cage Mate?

    Hello, I must say in the few days I’ve been on this forum I am sure getting good use out of it lol. As I’ve stated on here before a few days ago my guinea pig Fin sadly passed away leaving his cage mate Gus alone. I didn’t show Gus Fin’s body after he passed. The first day Gus was just a little...
  6. A

    I Am Desperately Looking For A Spayed Female Piggy

    I live in Georgia.I have a 1 year old male piggy.I have been looking for a partner for him.I CANT FIND ONE ANYWHERE!Any advise or links to adoptable piggies?
  7. Piggy996

    My Piggy Doesn't Have A Buddy But I Hope We Can Make Up For That

    Hi people, I got my Piggy a month ago from a pet shop. Since the shop was in another town, we had to put him in the car and drive him. I was very afraid how will he endure it, but it was okay. He was in the same place with rabbits in the store, so I guess that he was lonely and scared and that...
  8. RJade

    Is My Pig Alright On His Own?

    Two posts in two days! I'm just looking for anyone's insight into owning single guinea pigs. I'm not in a situation where I can add another guinea pig to my single boar(I had to seperate my trio due to fights) to make a pair currently. He doesn't seem depressed, he eats well and is interested...
  9. Turtz

    Male Guinea Pig Living Alone

    Hi! I'm not sure if I'm posting this in the right place, sorry if I've made a mistake. I've had my male guinea pig for 7 months now, and after some research I've realised that its very recommended to keep guinea pigs in pairs. Although I haven't noticed him acting very lonely, I'm sure his...