single pig

  1. Makaiobaby

    Single Piggie

    Hi I hope someone can help! Just as a little background to my guinea pig we got him single as there was 2 others left with him so we decide to take the 1 instead of leaving him. Makaio was bullied by all the other piggies and it was pretty clear considering his chewed off ear when we got him...
  2. P

    How Can I Make Sure My single Pig gets Enough Attention

    Hi. This is my first post on the forum (though I’ve tried posting the same thing on a different forum, but it got archived in less than a day and my question still wasn't answered. I'm hopeful that this one might be a bit more professional) A few days ago, Piper, one of my two pigs, passed...
  3. Alexandra West

    What To Do With A Single Piggie?

    Hey! Finnian, my beloved piggie acts fine and all but how can I keep away boredom for him? I'm not allowed to get another piggie, so he's all alone. I let him play a lot and hold him to keep him company, but how and I keep him from being bored when I can't entertain him? I tried my hardest to...