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single pig

  1. AppleandTwig

    Single Guinea Bereaved Piggy?

    Hi, so recently one of my piggies passed away. It was really hard for me, and my other piggy to deal with. But, even though he was sad for the first few days and didn’t make as much noise and slept more he still ate his food (licked the bowl ahah) and drank water, ate hay, and had some pellets...
  2. Makaiobaby

    Single Piggie

    Hi I hope someone can help! Just as a little background to my guinea pig we got him single as there was 2 others left with him so we decide to take the 1 instead of leaving him. Makaio was bullied by all the other piggies and it was pretty clear considering his chewed off ear when we got him...
  3. P

    How Can I Make Sure My single Pig gets Enough Attention

    Hi. This is my first post on the forum (though I’ve tried posting the same thing on a different forum, but it got archived in less than a day and my question still wasn't answered. I'm hopeful that this one might be a bit more professional) A few days ago, Piper, one of my two pigs, passed...
  4. Alexandra West

    What To Do With A Single Piggie?

    Hey! Finnian, my beloved piggie acts fine and all but how can I keep away boredom for him? I'm not allowed to get another piggie, so he's all alone. I let him play a lot and hold him to keep him company, but how and I keep him from being bored when I can't entertain him? I tried my hardest to...