skin conditions

  1. Lizzieejoyce

    Hair loss. HELP!

    Hi everyone TL;DR - ongoing skin problem and hair loss. Been to the vets 3 times and she’s still not better, any suggestions please?! My guinea pig, Agnes, has had a skin problem since late August. Another guinea pig of mine had a fungal infection when Agnes started to lose hair so I treated...
  2. Georgia's_Guineas

    Crusty nipples

    A couple of weeks ago I noticed Panda had developed crusty nipples. I researched online and it said it could possibly be linked to ovarian cysts, so I took her to the vet for a checkup. They weren’t concerned about it and gave me some wet wipes to clean her with. (I don’t know if this is worth...
  3. Jenny-Lou

    Elderly Piggie,rigid seizures and skin complaints

    Hi everyone! I'm to posting so I hope I'm doing this right! I have a 7 year old piggie who I suspected had mites as her skin was scaly, and she was itching. We have been given a course of invermectin by the vet which she had about 4 days ago but she seems much the same in terms of skin...
  4. S

    Found this greasy stuff

    Hi there I’ve just done a health check on my piggy and found this stuff on her backside I’m thinking it’s something to do with grease gland but I’ve never seen it like that before so any help would be appreciated thanks in advance , she is about 14 months old
  5. P

    Twitching Guinea Pig

    My 1 year old Guinea pig passed away not long ago. She fell to her side and started twitching repeatedly for about 20 mins until she passed away. We suspect this might be because of some sort of mite or parasite but I check her skin and hair weekly and she had shown no signs or symptoms or...
  6. C

    Bruising and I'm feeling like the worst mom

    She’s been struggling with a skin infection with a patch of fur loss on her back since thanksgiving. She’s seen 2 separate vets (duke animal hospital in Chicago, and VCA Fleming Island). Duke gave us wipes for fungal infection. VCA Fleming Island gave us antibiotics for possible secondary and...
  7. EJ Fairweather

    Strange rash/ bald spot on boar’s back, could be mites...?

    Last night when I went to hold all my boars (I have four) Floyd had a strange scabby patch on his back with missing hair. I haven’t noticed it before now and I hold them all often. I got him and his cage mate pretty recently from a private owner, and while they will sometimes chase each other...
  8. T

    Lice help?

    Hiya, Unfortunately I'm back with more (different) skin issues. I noticed some tiny white worm-looking things moving in my guineas fur - I think they're lice, but will get them checked by a vet to be sure and get treatment for them. I have noticed them scratching a bit, but no...
  9. H

    Vet update!

    my boy just had his first appointment with the vets, and unfortunately a few issues did come up :( 1. I have been clipping his nails and I thought his coat seemed clean and healthy. However, because he's never been groomed by his humans, he needs a bath with a mild shampoo, which I think I...
  10. C

    Bites or skin condition (skinny pig)

    Our skinny pig has some sortve bite or skin thingy on it. Does occasionally show agression towards other pigs but only dominance. Not sure if its a bite or something else. Also has dry skin patches. Anyone seen anything like this before? On her neck and bum seen in the link. The dry patches come...
  11. E

    Dry patch behind guinea pig’s ears?

    I'm not sure if it’s a fungal infection or not but my 1 year old female guinea pig has a small patch of dry scaly skin behind each ear. She has had it for a long time but I always thought it was normal. She also gets flaky ears sometimes and often has a small (but not abnormal) amount of crust...
  12. H

    baby guinea pigs excessive itching

    recently i have adopted 2 baby guinea pigs (around 6 weeks old) and i have noticed they tend to itch quite alot. Their coats are soft and nice, with no dry patches, oily/greasy patches, etc. they also jump and run around the cage sometimes with a high pitched wheeking. (is this related to the...
  13. T


    Hi all, I got a guinea pig from what I thought was a reputable source, but she turned out to have quite a severe case of ringworm. I've taken her to the vet (prescribed oral antifungal meds) and have nearly finished the treatment course. I've also given her 2 baths. The ringworm is looking much...
  14. R

    Guinea Pig Skin Issue

    A few days ago, we noticed this bald patch appear on our guinea’s back. Upon closer look there appears to be dandruff as well. He has no other symptoms or patches like this. Although he does occasionally try to scratch it. What could this be?
  15. V

    Guinea pig skin irritation?!

    Hi there, one of my guinea pigs developed this around her eye, and now she’s also opened it up so it’s been bleeding a bit. An appointment to the vet has already been made and we will be seeing one tomorrow, however I was just worried and wanted to see if anyone encountered this before... thank...
  16. MollyB

    Fungal treatment help if possible!

    So I'm having a mild panic about my guinea pig's skin problem because I can't really get to a vets, but after some research on here and the internet generally (he has flaky skin and fur with flakes attached) it seems he has a fungal infection. Here's the plan, please tell me if I'm incorrect or...
  17. Bebimbars

    Ringworm ? On lockdown, need help

    Hi everyone, I really need help as we are in a sticky situation. I live in France and the whole country is under lockdown, we can only get out of the house to go to the supermarket, pharmacy and emergency doctor appointments. Our young sow (7 weeks old) has come up with a white crusty patch...
  18. C

    Growth on nose

    Hey, I’ve recently noticed some kind of growth or something appear on one of my guinea pigs nose. I’ve attached a photo. Can anybody explain what it is and if there is anything I need to do to treat it? Many thanks
  19. K

    Guinea pig cleaning same spot

    My guinea pig Mochi keeps cleaning the same same spot, one of her back legs. I’m not sure if she is also biting it but when I was cleaning her cage her whole leg and foot was very wet from her cleaning it. I am worried that something on her skin is bothering her? Her skin on that leg doesn’t...
  20. T

    Sneezing for weeks?

    Good evening everyone! My name is Kris. I've got 3 beautiful female piggies, but my baby Oreo (I'm not quite sure of her age, but my guess would be about 3 months old) has been sneezing for exactly 22 days now. The minute I'd first noticed, I took her straight to the vet, who put her on 2 weeks...