skin conditions

  1. K

    Guinea pig cleaning same spot

    My guinea pig Mochi keeps cleaning the same same spot, one of her back legs. I’m not sure if she is also biting it but when I was cleaning her cage her whole leg and foot was very wet from her cleaning it. I am worried that something on her skin is bothering her? Her skin on that leg doesn’t...
  2. T

    Sneezing for weeks?

    Good evening everyone! My name is Kris. I've got 3 beautiful female piggies, but my baby Oreo (I'm not quite sure of her age, but my guess would be about 3 months old) has been sneezing for exactly 22 days now. The minute I'd first noticed, I took her straight to the vet, who put her on 2 weeks...
  3. honeybee<3

    Brown spots on skin and fur loss on my piggy

    I was checking my two piggies health and one of my girls appears to have lost some fur loss around her ear (she has always had small bald patches behind her ears but now it's a bit bigger) She also has dark brown patches on the skin around her ears. I've never seen this in my piggies and I'm...
  4. A

    Red skin surrounded by Dry Skin Circle on bottom

    Hi all, I just noticed on my boar's bottom (he's about 5-6 months old) a reddish spot that has dry skin flaking/peeling away from the center of it. There is a picture attached to this post. Can anyone help me identify what this could be?
  5. coco&chanel

    Skinny pig skin condition?

    My skinny pig Penelope has developed dry skin with white patches. I gave her a bath and messaged her with coconut oil which seemed to help the top of her (her skin went back to normal) but she's got white patches all over her tummy which I am not sure what they are. I will post pictures as its...
  6. MilliePigs


    I have a Texel piggie who I’ve found has some dandruff. I understand that this could be an indicator that he has lice but he’s not particularly itchy and doesn’t have any bald spots or hair loss. I was just wondering if it’s typical of Texels to have dry skin and dandruff being a long haired breed?
  7. E

    Not Mite Or Fungal Help!

    Hi everyone! I need your help! I recently got two guinea pigs from a breeder, have had them about a week. Since getting the piggies one of them has developed dry scabby skin (not red or oozing) and hair loss on her rump which she doesnt like to have touched. i have Taken her to vet and she has...
  8. K

    Scabby Skin

    the 4 week old piggie I picked up last week is covered in scans around the neck and ears.. the ears are scabby and dry and seems to be an open wound which has come up since yesterday, originally thought it was just dry skin... Any ideas? Very worried and our vets doesn’t appear to be open on a...
  9. BiggiesMom

    Red Bald Patch; Fungal Or From Stress?

    Hi! I've had my guinea pig Biggie for a month now. I was looking into adopting another guinea pig so he could have a friend when i noticed he has a patch of hair missing/thinning and the skin is red in some spots, white in others and bleeding from when i think he scratches at it. He also has a...
  10. Catdawg

    Haven't A Clue What This

    Just noticed this on canelos back end this evening :/ I haven't had them long so I can't say I've noticed any changed behaviour but he is quite shy and likes to hide and curl up in corners a lot but I haven't noticed any change I want to try and avoid further investigation as I don't want to...
  11. M

    Help Please ! Skin Problem?

    Greetings, I just made this account to seek advice, you see, I just realized one of my sow keep scratching more often than her pal and I am dead worried, so today I just checked her and realized there were scabs on her ears and at her skin at the rear end and I have no idea what it is or how it...
  12. T

    Hair Loss, Flaky Scabby Skin. Help:(

    hi there! I have an elderly Pig at 7 years old and she has been the happiest, healthiest pig ever until recently. I noticed that on her neck and stomach area she has lost a lot of hair over time it hasn't been drastically and I'm wondering why? :( Someone suggested that it could be dental...
  13. N

    Guinea Pig Scratching, Baldness And Crusty Skin Around Eye

    My guinea pig has been scratching the area around her right eye for about 2 weeks and since then I noticed baldness around his eye that's been growing ever since. The bald skin is also very crusty and he can barely open his eye. I went to the vet which gave me a kind of medicine that i should...
  14. Strawb

    Flakey Skin And Bald Patches!

    Hey guys, if in doubt I'm always looking on here for advice but this time I can't find anything like what my pig has so help would be appreciated! His name is Tails, he's a 3 year old Rex and for a good year and a half/2 years he's had hair loss patches on his lower back/hind, his fur will either...
  15. RJade


    2 of my guinea pigs seem to just have a reoccurring case of ringworm. Overall, to get them sorted I've payed £400. They seem to have been free of it since Jan, but I think it may have come back. I really don't think it's anything I'm doing as I clean them out regularly, everything is...
  16. cinn&sugarmybbs

    Guinea Pig Skin Conditions?

    Hi, I have two guniea pigs that are around 8 months old. Both of them have been itching occasionally so I had them checked for mites fleas and lice at the vets. They all came out negative. They had a uri when I took them (3 weeks ago) so the doctor prescribed baytril to kill that and she said...
  17. A

    Guinea Has Mange, Vet No Help :(

    Hello, my guinea Millie (5 years old) has had mange for a while now (about 2 months). She has lost quite a bit of fur now and I'm quite worried about her. Her son Harvey lives with her, but he has no signs of it. She has been treated with Xeno 450 spot on (with ivermectin) from the vets (£75!)...
  18. H

    How To Differentiate Mite Infection And Fungal Infection?

    Hi all, one of our Guinea pigs has a small lump and a small bald patch on her left ear. We also find a large bald red patch behind her left ear. Is this a sign of fungal or mite infection? Or is it something else?
  19. crnyng

    Skin Condition? Help.

    So I have had 2 year old female guinea pig for a few months and ever since I had her she has had dandruff. Exsessive amounts even. I have given her a bath for fungal, for lice, given her 3 doses on seperate occasions for mites of revolution and still time after time it comes back. The excessive...
  20. Celine298

    Skin Problems

    Hey all, I was reading through some of your post and saw that Texels are prone to fungal infections, would Abyssinians be prone as well? When I picked my little guy up from the pet shop, he had a bite mark just over his left ear. The lady in the shop said the other pigs had bullied him because...