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  1. RupertTheHairless

    Skinny pig sensitive skin with unknown cause...has anyone else have experienced this?

    Hi all! One of my boys has recently developed a very sensitive area on his upper back, right below his neck line. He is a skinny and I thought perhaps mites, but when taken to our local vet, they weren't too sure what is causing this itchiness. We've had him for 2.5 years now and he's never...
  2. H

    College student with 3 skinny pigs

    Hi all, I'm gonna be using this today as a way or blogging the way I've been feeling recently towards the life of a mom of 3 skinnies. I got them during the summer when I was off of school so I was able to invest into them fully, being a new owner I never really knew what it took to handle 1...