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  1. S

    First snooze

    Today I picked up Gizmo for a cuddle and groom, after his groom he settled on my lap which has never happened before. He then gave me a big yawn and pancaked onto my lap. (I even think he had a snooze!) I’ve never had a cuddle with either of them for this long and it’s just made me really happy 😆
  2. Kirbs

    Is there a reason?

    Whenever I get my guinea pig out the cage he just instantly lies down on my legs, even if he wasn't sleeping prior. I was wondering if there was a specific reason for this. He also hates me picking him up to put him back in his cage, he prefers jumping in himself. Is it normal?
  3. jordan1127

    I still cant get over him

    I was away for a month doing research at a UC and during this time I left my guinea pig in the care of my family, when i came back i noticed that under and around his mouth was extremely wet and no matter how many times I cleaned him up it just keep happening, so I took him to the vet they said...
  4. W

    Sleeping? Or is there something wrong?

    My guinea pig Nymeria was sleeping, I think, on top of hay, she was laying on her side, eyes open but breathing in a way that made her body move back and forth (not sure how else to explain it). I could see her breathing, it seemed normal and everything. I touched her and she did nothing, I...
  5. Charlottibiscot

    Guinea pigs eyes rolled to back of head?

    So I own two female guinea pigs, and my Abyssinian, who is 6 in May, displayed some concerning behaviour today. She was layed down comfortably next to my other piggy, when suddenly she let out an annoyed squeak. I rushed over to check on her and saw that whilst she looked asleep, her eyes were...
  6. Isabela

    Guinea Pig in the night

    Hello, I have a question for all the guinea pig owners that have their piggies in the room with them. I want to ask for any kind of help regarding peace and quiet in the night. I have a problem with loud water bottle among other things. And I would love to receive any types of advice for...
  7. D


    my piggies have been sleeping more than usual. Is this an ok behavior:(
  8. Kallasia

    Got The Boys A Dreamcatcher!

    Very pretty don't you think? :) I got it from Jewel on the hill
  9. Alexandra West

    Piggie Sleep Schedule?

    When do your piggies sleep? I thought they were nocturnal, but Finnian seems to like sleeping off and on from midnight to 5 A.M. He doesn't normally sleep during the day. Could that be because he's in my room with me? I'mnot really worried, he's still adjusting to the new environment. I'm just...
  10. U

    How Do I Know When It's Time?

    Hi everyone! This is my first time posting so sorry to start this off on a sad note. I have an 8 year old guinea pig named Piggy and she's recently started having some serious health issues. I noticed last week that she suddenly lost use of her back legs and shes also having issues with one...
  11. Squidgypigs

    Ultimate Piggy Pileup Snugglefest!

    This is currently our largest 'mini herd' of the five daughters of Blondie and Football; Rhona, Marilyn, Britney, Princess Bagel-Baby and Doughnut.
  12. kitkat1

    Post Pictures Of Your Guinea Pigs Sleeping!

    I thought this would be a fun thread- I am interested to see how other piggies sleep! I don't know if this is already a thread or not, but that's okay. XD Here is my pig Dipper sleeping: Whenever I try to get a pic of my other piggy Moonbeam sleeping he always ends up waking up- he must be a...