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  1. Chickensmom

    Yawning pig

    Hello, I’m new to this forum but not new to owning Guinea pigs. I have a 6 year old boar named Chicken who lives with me as my ESA in college. He is the oldest Guinea pig I’ve ever owned, but not by too much. He lives alone (doesn’t get along with other piggies, trust me, I’ve tried everything)...
  2. piggies and sweet dreams

    Guinea Pig Drowsy Because of Anaesthesia

    Hello, everyone! My guinea pig, Jojo, just came back from the vet. He was given anaesthesia an hour ago because his teeth needed to be trimmed. He has now come back but is still pretty drowsy — he is not eating and is pretty lazy. In how much time does the effect of anaesthesia wear off in...
  3. P

    My guinea pig is acting really weird

    So my Guinea pig ( Bo) is a very skittish, like you walk near the cage and he goes zooming. Eveytime I get to pet him he runs away, even when I offer him food. Today though, my mom woke up to feed them but Bo was laying down and not moving, my mom got super close and even tried moving his body...
  4. amyprie

    Pig fell, any good experiences?

    Hi! My guinea pig fell on a sunday, on tuesday he started limping. I took him to the vet, she couldn't feel anything broken so she gave him 0.9ml of loxicom (Meloxicam) for 5 days. If he doesn't get better she would do the x-ray, etc. This morning (first day after the medicine) looked like he...
  5. Kirbs

    nothing important :)

    I was cleaning the cages earlier and started signing, I looked up to find Howard jumping in his hayrack, laying down, staring at me and just listening to me sing :)
  6. court29x

    Poorly Piggy :(

    I haven't been on the forum for a while! I've been very busy after the arrival of my newborn niece and college work, however I am writing in a time of need and worry as my little Beansprout is not well. As I came upstairs for my shower and I walked into my room, the only piggy to greet me at the...
  7. Beans&Toast

    Beautiful Beans

    Beans is such a gentle, loving soul. She's very laid back and self sufficient. She isn't too keen on lap time and only occasionally will she want to have a cuddle, she much prefers to go on an adventure and wander about. As Toasty is a very unwell pig she takes up a lot of my time needing...
  8. TheCavySlave

    Duncan And Godfrey

    Sorr for the sudden onslaught of pics, just haven't done any for a while :) Roar! That C shape of relaxation. So. Cute. :zzz: Godfrey loves his bed. Seriously, he loves it. Om nom nom Lazy days. Choooken legs!