1. Ananias

    Persistent bladder problems

    Our Tilda is a 3 year-old female guinea pig living in Finland. She has pain while urinating and pooping (only after urinating) and also has had blood in urine (not at present). The problems have persisted for several months now with a few intermittent symptom-free episodes. The symptoms also...
  2. Bella123

    Possible Bladder Sludge Advice Needed?

    I woke up this morning and whilst I was cleaning the piggys cage, I saw this white substance on the fleece. I'm assuming it's bladder sludge, and I'm very concerned. I'm not sure who it is at this stage so I have separated Fifi and Flash for a short time until I can find out. I have a vet...
  3. Danielle Smith

    Secretion From Penis Post-neuter; Pus, Glue, Smegma, Sludgy Wee?

    Tubs was neutered on Saturday 26th November. While he was exclusively syringe-fed at first, he's recovering somewhat and eating hay, veggies and some pellets (he's losing 5-10g a day, but I'm keeping an eye on that and topping up with syringe feed where necessary). He's on loxicom for pain...
  4. Parnassus

    Clearing Bladder Sludge Effectively

    Hi friends! I'm feeling heartsick tonight. My sweet Whistler has been diagnosed with bladder sludge. It's my first guinea pig with sludge! So, I'm convinced she's just more naturally gifted in developing it than others. ;D I could use some advice, even if it's just to keep doing what I'm...
  5. Molly Isabella

    Urgent: Advice On Sick Piggy With Bladder Sludge. (euthanasia?)

    (I'm from the United Kingdom) Hi guys. My piggie Oreo is just about 3 years of age. She's always had some health issues and has just been genuinely unlucky. A few months ago she had an operation for an abscess on the side of her stomach. That went successfully and she recovered. For the last...
  6. WinnieandBear

    Blood In Urine, Squeaking And Calcium Crystals? Please Help

    Hello! After many many many rubbish and useless vet visits from far and wide, I seem to have found a thorough and very informative and so far brilliant vet very local. Bear has been showing discomfort when urinating and pooing recently sometimes accompanied by squeaking but that was much less...