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smelly fleece

  1. Immogen

    Fleece smells awful

    I switched to fleece bedding yesterday from shavings and after a few hours it was already starting to smell. It was so unbearable this morning I had to switch out the cuddle sack which seemed to smell the worst as my piggie likes to cuddle up in it a lot. I have a 4x2 c and c cage with only one...
  2. K

    Smelly piggies

    Hello everybody, My friend has 2 male guinea pigs in a cage that is 2 x 7. She using homemade fleece bedding that I made. Recently she has noticed that her room always smells and a liner and a few pee pads smell of farm. Even after she washes them with vinegar. Their poop also stinks terribly...
  3. C

    Smelly fleece :/

    After switching to fleece it’s so far been cost effective, clean and neat. However, after only two days a urine smell has taken over my room. I made the cage liners myself, with a mattress topper in the middle of 2 fleece sheets. I spot clean daily, and I have pads for high traffic areas but...
  4. Diane Owen

    Fleece And Stinky Cage

    Help I've only had fleece for day and a half and it's smelly already, what have I done wrong?