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  1. S

    What could be wrong with my Guinea Pig / What are signs of sawdust allergy?

    Hello, Ok so, um, where do I start? My guinea has been squeaking weirdly, like a wheek, but with a wheezy side. She keeps sneezing, but I haven’t noticed her nose running, or anything coming from her eyes, and I’ve checked her cage and there’s no diarrhoea from what I can see. It’s quite...
  2. B

    Sneezing and slight cough. What is it?

    Hello, I recently got two new skinny pigs about a week ago Char(Charcoal) and Scotch. When I first got them I heard small sneezing noises and was highly concerned. I contacted the local pet store where I received them (private owned pet store). The pet store held onto them for a few days and...
  3. B


    Bortus has been sneezing a fair amount the last few days, he'll sneeze 3 or so times in a row every few hours. He's had zero other symptoms, eyes ears and nose all look fine he's eating normally, and ive been checking his weight seems to be fine, only thing different would be the sneezing and...
  4. asian piggy


    Everyday, I hear these little puffs of air coming from my piggie Ace (as if he’s blowing his nose!) I’m not too sure if it’s sneezing, but I presume so. Tonight when I refilled their hay rack, Ace rushed to it and started munching but shortly after, started sneezing. About 4-6 in a row! Ace will...
  5. basicpiggies

    Guinea Pig Sneezed After Cage Cleaning?

    Hi! I have three guinea pigs and two of them I just recently brought into my family, and now they’re all living happily together! They have all been getting along, eating, chasing each other, popcorning etc, and things have been smooth. However, today, something concerning (yet pretty...
  6. Lilythepig2017

    We Pulled Our Pig Off All Meds She She Got Better: Lily’s Story

    First I will start off by saying, I cannot recommend what we did. There are situations when medicine is vital to saving your pig. This was a very personal decision we made for our pig. I just wanted to post in case it helps someone their pig. So we adopted our pig Lily a month ago. She is 4...
  7. Jesse's pigs

    Steve Query

    Hi guys me again lol. So I'm not too freaked out but I have noticed that Steve does mini sneezes (though they don't sound like Mo's) it's not a wheezy sound or anything worrying it just seems to be a light sneeze. He's eating drinking etc everything fine and during floortime was like a wind up...
  8. Picallily

    New Here & Need Advice!

    Hello, I'm Kate and have just joined the forum! I have two guineapigs Pippin(4 years), and Bertie (2 years). I am in need of some advice for Pip, as all of a sudden he has had a sneezing "fit" where he sneezed approx 10 times in 6/7 minutes. I took him out of his cage and he had a little play...
  9. W

    Guinea Pig Is Sneezing

    I have two guinea pigs. They have been treated for a URI a couple weeks ago since they were sneezing and one had a crusty eye. I went on holidays and after 15 days I saw them and they seemed to be doing great, their fur was amazingly soft and they had grown a bit more (they're 4 and 6 months...
  10. Parnassus

    Sneezing Guinea Pig, Now On Topical Treatment

    My sow is 8-10 months old, and she sneezed yesterday. I brought her to our cavy-savvy vet yesterday afternoon. By the time we arrived, she had developed some eye goopies (I'm sure that's the scientific term for it). The vet checked her thoroughly and said her lungs are clear, but her nose...