1. P

    Female Dominance or Bullying?

    Two months ago, I rescued two female guinea pigs from a friend whose family found them in their wood pile. They came in a pet store cage with one single-entrance hideaway. That’s when I noticed Binx (presumably the older one) showing dominance towards Buffy by not letting her into/out of the...
  2. SAH

    Therapy Animal Question

    I need help on picking which of my guinea pigs to be my emotional support animal. An emotional support animal basically means I can bring the animal places where normally animals are not allowed, like school, in order to help with my anxiety. However, I am conflicted on which of my two guinea...
  3. Sam81

    Very New Piggies Owner!

    Hi everyone... So I have lots of animals but am brand new to piggies.... I'm having a few problems and wondered if I can ask for help? I did lots of reading and research, got the hutch all ready and then bought two piggies (snowflake and gizmo - both girlies) from a local pet store because...
  4. A


    Hello, i have 2 guinea pigs and I've done a lot of research but i'm still a little lost. They seem so scared of us. We have had them since July 2016 and we talk to them daily, hold them daily. But it just seems like they are still scared. They hide anytime anyone enters the room. Only time they...