sow bonding

  1. S

    my two young sows are fighting

    i have two female guinea pigs (called Alby and Birch) who i've had for nearly two weeks now. they are from the same litter and are both just over a month old. they're still in the process of bonding however i think they got in a bit of an argument whilst i was asleep and Birch now has a cut on...
  2. ChefCoco

    Introducing young sow to young sow

    Hi there, I've got a 2 month old girl, Taco, and i am looking to get her a companion. She's been getting used to her new home and situation. Was unable to get two initially but I know it'd be best for her if I do. Was looking for another young lady to pair with her. I've read through all the...
  3. S

    2 sows rehomed

    I recently adopted 2 skinny pig sows that have been litter mates since birth. They were shipped to me from Illinois (I’m in nyc) and in the carrier, one girl scratched the other pretty badly. She had small scratches all over her back that were bleeding. They have been with me for about 4 days...
  4. Spoink

    Piglet’s new sister.

    Hi everyone, Piglet here! I have some exciting news to share with you all.. After losing my big “sister” Biscuit, piggymummy noticed that I was feeling really lonely. So, she and piggydaddy found me a new sister. They were very nervous in case we wouldn’t get on, but we do, honest! Okay, so I...