sperm rod

  1. Mamich


    Hello everyone! I have a guinea pig who had been neutered nearly two weeks ago. His recovery, unfortunately, hasn’t been smooth. He had hospitalized and is finally home and on critical care. I just had the pleasure of fishing out a sperm rod with my bare hands. (Neither of us enjoyed that!)...
  2. yvette langford

    Sperm rod

    I took my 5 month old boar to the vet on Tuesday as he was squealing and straining to pee. They felt around to see if they could feel a stone. Nothing, so we were sent home with painkillers and antibiotics. He seemed to be alright on Wednesday, not 100% but better than he was. Come Thursday...
  3. Jesse's pigs


    So I think this is the term-sperm rods? I was just wondering whether this is a sperm rod or if I'm being daft. I've noticed a few come from my boars boar bits and wondered if they're something else. There not rock solid just kind of rubbery and they're definitely not worms! He is pooing fine and...
  4. lauraboara

    Good Example Of A Sperm Rod

    Yes here is a festive treat for you! There have been a few posts recently about what is boar glue / grease glands / boys bit related stuff. So that is my justification for sharing this rather good example of a sperm rod provided by Bumble yesterday. I visually check my boys' rear end everytime I...