spring time

  1. Celine298

    I'm Being Bullied For Grass...

    We had a late spring here in Ireland and most of the livestock (sheep/cattle) are only being let out to pasture in the past couple of weeks due to the poor grass growth. Thankfully, the grass is finally bursting into growth. Last week, I began picking fresh grass from the garden for the...
  2. Celine298

    Fresh Grass

    Having grown up on a farm here in Ireland, I know more about grass than most cows do! All the piggy owners in Ireland and England will be delighted to know that the "fresh growth" has started! You can give your pigs grass from a safe garden/field any time of the year really, but it tastes...
  3. Beth8514


    I have a female guinea pig who is almost a year old and she is biting me whenever i stroke her near her tummy. She lives on her own and has never had babies. Is it just the time of year (being spring) or something else?