1. aniasandyogurt

    Hamster squeaking abnormally please help

    Hi guys this isn’t guinea pig related but i’m freaking out about my boyfriends hamster. She periodically makes these wheezing squeaks for a profusive amount of times. She’s about 9 months. It’s been happening for about id say two weeks give or take. She is eating and drinking normally and she is...
  2. kerry3383

    What does this noise mean?

    For some context: this is my 1yo male guinea pig who I just rehomed 3 weeks ago with his brother! In the video I was holding him and petting him and he was making these noises? Not sure if they’re happy or annoyed squeaks? I think annoyed? He seemed to squeak specifically when I petted his back...
  3. P

    Need help piggie all of a sudden terrified of being handled.

    Hi Everyone, So I’ve had my 2 boars for nearly 2 months now, the more dominant piggie Angus has gone from absolutely hating being handled to allowing chin and head scratches a few times a day. However… My more submissive piggie Percy has gone from slowly relaxing for cuddles and burrowing into...
  4. caramell

    Elderly guinea pig- Blood in pee, possible UTI? Advice needed ASAP please

    Hello everyone, my pig Caramel is almost 8 years old and seems to have contracted a UTI. (Her sister, Coconut, passed away about two years ago.) Around last week, she developed splotches of blood in her urine along with lethargy/low appetite, so we fed her cranberry juice, it didn't seem to get...
  5. Livvysquish

    Please help & advice!

    Please!help/advice! Hey! I really need some advice or help before going the vet. My piggy spice has recently had hay poke and recovered with eye drops. I found out by her squealing when being picked up. Once the hay was out she didn't squeal again. Its been a bit under a weak and when I...
  6. B

    Pig won't stop squeaking

    My guinea pig Bisky (3 and a half years old) has had some kidney issues this past year. She's had some UTI's and has been on antibiotics, and most recently, probiotics to aid her gut health. She's always been a squeaky pig, but as soon as we got her off the probiotic she's been squeaking bloody...
  7. L

    Can you tell me what this noise means please

    My guinea had been sick with an eye infection and while weak was stripped of dominance. He ended up getting injured by another piggie and went to the vet. Now he is healed but is separated from his pack. After 3 months alone he has started to make this noise attached. I have tried to research...
  8. alphadox

    Girls and Boy Keep Wanting More Veggies?

    So I give both my girls unlimited bluegrass or 2nd cut Timothy hay placed out during the day, the measured out bowl of pellets, water bottle refilled daily, and veggie plate recommendation in long term diet spread out morning and night minus green bean they dont like it. There's never bloat or...
  9. B

    Boar throws his head back and squeaks loudly

    I have two boys and they are both 4 months old and came from the same litter. It seems like one of them (Macchiato) is definitely going to be the boss around the cage, as he’s always weighed more than his brother (Brick Layer) and he seems to be a bit more stingy when snacks are involved. But...
  10. Chip Lillis

    Guinea pigs fighting very aggressively

    Hey! :) So recently, two of my pigs have been at it. Conki and Sabi. Sabi is known for being a little bit of a sissy but this seems pretty bad. Conki will randomly attack her, and when Sabi is nervous she runs into the corner of the cage and faces me. It’s so sad. I want to help her but should I...
  11. S

    Nap Time Noises; is he happy/comfortable or scared?

    Heya everyone! So I have two baby guinea pigs; Honk & Hank, I’ve had them for around a month now and absolutely adore them! 😁 I just thought I’d film a bit of lap time with Honk to see if his behaviour/noises indicate being comfortable/happy or annoyed 😊 I’ve never owned guinea pigs before...
  12. antonianicoleee

    Pain When Pooping :(

    Hi everyone. This is my first post so I’m hopefully doing this correct. I had two guinea babies, one sadly passed away from pneumonia/chest infection just over a month ago. Her sister, Poppy, has pretty much all her life had blood in her wee. She’s almost 4. This hasn’t been constant, but it...
  13. ChubbyCarrots

    Buddy Has Injured Himself Twice This Week!

    Hi guys, I really need your help! Just this week my little guinea pig (Buddy- 18 months) fell out of the waist-height hutch twice this week! Now he’s limping, the vets said he will recover but I’m getting worried about him falling out of the hutch. He always rubs it off but I’m getting really...
  14. Lil3piggies

    Making A Chirping Sound!

    Hi guys! My piggie has just been making a noise that sounds more like a bird chirping than a guinea pig sound! Is this normal? He was running around and eating- being his usual self. Was very strange, like a high pitch short squeak? By the way that’s the only way I can describe it haha! Thanks!
  15. PerfectPigs

    What Is The Best First Medicine To Use For My Sow With Cystitis?

    My (roughly) 5-year-old sow named Olga has been recently showing the symptoms of cystitis. She is making soft squeaking noises when she urinates, has been urinating often and is always damp on her stomach (from the result of urinating a lot). I don't want to try any full-on medicine yet, as she...
  16. W

    Extreme Biting

    Every time I pick my guinea pig Bubbles up she'll bite me anywhere she can find skin. My neck is red as I'm writting this. She has been a biter since the beginning but now its been getting worse. She'll make little squeaks whenever I'm having lap time with her and bite me all the time. She...
  17. Keiko The Pig

    Bonded Boar Trouble

    Hey everyone, I need some advice. I have 2 healthy intact boars that just turned 1 year old in march/April. They've been together since April 2016 when I adopted a friend for my lone piggy. Recently my white pig Milo has been squeaking up a storm for no apparent reason. This happens before...
  18. Stevenxxx

    My Guinea Pigs Airy Squeaking

    When my Guinea pig goes to squeek it sounds like he's struggling to get a noise out then when he does squeek it sounds quite airy. Should I be worried?
  19. MyPiggyMoo

    Hoarse Wheeking?

    Hello! Recently I've been noticing my Guinea Pig wheeking less. I noticed today that it wasnt less, it's just I could barely hear her. Her wheeks, squeaks, and bubbles are all sounding hoarse and muffled. I've thought it could be a cold, as everyone in my house has had one recently, but I've...
  20. VeganIzzy

    Guinea Pig Stressed And Horny

    So I got two Guinea Pigs yesterday, they are sisters. I handled one today, Parsnip, and she was happy to be out of the cage, however upon Parsnip leaving, Raisin began running around and biting on the cage, so I put Parsnip back in. I am worried however as Raisin has been what seems to be...