squeaking while peeing

  1. piggydobz

    Pig squeaking when peeing / pooping

    Hiya, Our piggie Howard has suspected bladder stones. Unfortunately the vets he has seen haven’t been the quickest to diagnose anything and its been about 3 weeks since the first symptoms started. Vets gave him a week of Baytril to try incase UTI, however there was no improvement. In the last...
  2. Jesse's pigs

    Steve toileting troubles AGAIN

    Seems like everyone of my pets is giving me a little moment during lockdown. First Bigwig (who is still with us bless him and seen a vet so got some answers now thank god), Steve with a minor case of bloat which he's had before (was all fluid), my new dog (vomited 8X in span of 15 mins) and my...
  3. J

    Troubles going to the bathroom

    My little boy Oswald is having discomfort peeing and pooping. He is 2 years old and recently (about 2 weeks ago) got off of antibiotics for a URI. He had issues going to the bathroom while on the antibiotics but he was on Natural Science Digestive Support (and still is) and that really helped...
  4. Wizzy

    How long should baytril take to cure a uti?

    One of my guinea pigs rexy has been squeaking while peeing for 2/3 weeksish, on and off before I finally convinced my mum that something was wrong, and she went to the vets last Sunday at pets@home. The vet gave one 0.6ml dose daily and loxicom twice daily to her, and said if it doesn’t improve...