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Possible interstitial cystitis... Looking for answers...


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Jul 28, 2017
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Good morning! My gorgeous boy Piglet (I’m biased I know) has been having bladder issues for some time now. He’s had numerous infections in the past which antibiotics have cleared, however since December he’s experienced blood in his urine and pain when peeing - we’ve tried two different antibiotics and regularly X-rays to check for stones.

He’s still experiencing the issues and we are currently going to our exotic vet for weekly injections to help with possible bladder inflammation. Sadly I haven’t noticed any difference yet. I'm really keen to hear other people’s experiences where no infection or stones have been present and what their pig was diagnosed with/how it was treated.

Thank you in advance!


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I currently have one piggy that has been diagnosed with sterile (i.e. non-bacterial) interstitial cystitis.
Breila is on daily oral glucosamine (to help the affected natural glucosamine coating of the walls in the urinary tract that prevents the very corrosive urine from coming into contact with raw tissue) and metacam at need, with a higher dose during any flare ups. She has a milder version, so this medication does work for her. The glucosamine is the crucial part in the treatment of IC.
There are now newly also cartrofen injections considered for piggies with stronger IC; cartrofen is a glucosamine based arthritis medication that has shown to be effective for guinea pigs with IC in recent research. It is however currently trialled on an individual basis by vets and a general consensus has not yet developed.
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