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  1. AdamFrench

    Persistent blood in urine, no stones and no pain

    Hi, We’ve got two girls 3 and 4 year old - the 4 year old has been diagnosed with interstitial cystitis almost a year ago. She is on continuous pain/inflammatory meds (metacam and tramadol) alongside nutracyst. This seemed to do the trick as her weight is consistent and she’s just a bubbly and...
  2. antonianicoleee

    Poorly Piggy, Been Told To Prepare For The Worst :(

    Hi everyone. I took Poppy to the vets on Monday. When I took her the time before she weighed just over 1.3. She now weighs 1.02. She has lost quite a lot of weight. The blood is apparently coming out in her urine, not in her poop so apparently this is still cystitis and they think she is just...
  3. antonianicoleee

    Pain When Pooping :(

    Hi everyone. This is my first post so I’m hopefully doing this correct. I had two guinea babies, one sadly passed away from pneumonia/chest infection just over a month ago. Her sister, Poppy, has pretty much all her life had blood in her wee. She’s almost 4. This hasn’t been constant, but it...
  4. PerfectPigs

    What Is The Best First Medicine To Use For My Sow With Cystitis?

    My (roughly) 5-year-old sow named Olga has been recently showing the symptoms of cystitis. She is making soft squeaking noises when she urinates, has been urinating often and is always damp on her stomach (from the result of urinating a lot). I don't want to try any full-on medicine yet, as she...
  5. Beans&Toast

    Vetcare Plus Multi Modal Food

    I've been looking at getting new nuggets for Toast as she has a lot of health issues most of the time. Recurring cystitis, unstable weight, bladder issues, bloat.. I've found this; VetCarPlus Multi-Modal Guinea Pig Food | Edibles | The Hay Experts It says it's good for all of the issues I...
  6. Piggiemum7

    Screaming Piggy!:(

    Noticed some very red blood around jerry's bottom area and there's a little bit of pinkiness in his wee wee. I've got him out on a towel for a cuddle and he keeps screeching, screaming,tensing up and lurching forward like he's trying to push wee out that's not there. First thought is cystitis...
  7. L

    Bladder Stones On Xray, Not Found During Op

    Hi, our 23 month old boar Bramble was recently (3 weeks ago) neutered so he could have a female friend. One week after neutering, when the pain relief (Metacam) and antibiotics (Septrim) had finished, he started squeaking when peeing and pooping, and was straining when pooping. Took him back...