1. casey_14

    New Owner with Question About Sqeaks

    I am a new owner. When I hold Matthew (my new piggie) he sometimes starts to make a faint squeaking kind of sound. It doesn't sound like he's hurt or alarmed, but everything I've read online says that sqeaking is bad, so I don't know if I'm doing something wrong. When he does this he's usually...
  2. iamlarissa

    Very Ill Piggy With No Immediate Access To Vet

    My guinea pig Gumball is almost five years old. I feed her the normal food and water and that’s it! I gave her oranges for the first like two years I had her but then gradually stopped and I once in awhile give her an apple. But the past couple months she’s been squeaking less and when she does...
  3. amyhr95

    Squeaky Pig, But Not The Good Squeaks

    My guinea pig Smudge appears to be making some odd squeaks lately. It started two weeks ago and I initially thought it may be early signs of an upper respiratory infection, therefore took him to the vets to get checked. They checked everything; heart, lungs, teeth, poops, and felt for any lumps...