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  1. Jesse's pigs

    Do I Buy?

    Well my Mo has always loved having a tube to run through and chewing on cardboard. So he nearly always has a toilet tube to chew on (and toss about) aswell as one of those cardboard tubes from pets at home. It's his favourite (those of you who follow his Instagram have probably seen the tube...
  2. J

    Guinea Pig Bullying

    Hi all! I became a guinea pig mama two weeks ago and am new to the forum. We have two year-old boars - Tango and Hieronymous. They have always lived together however they are not related (I understand they were bought as a pair from pets at home). We got them from a family who were away often...
  3. Celine298

    Diy Cage Interior.

    My little man is as odd as they come. When I bought him, I got the largest cage in the shop and every toy/feeder/bedding you can imagine... none of them lasted, he hated them all! So I had to get my thinking cap on and figure out some alternatives! With a little rummaging around the house I...
  4. hzlhrst

    Could My Boys Get Bored?

    I read somewhere that guinea pigs enjoy the stimulation they recieve from their home being in a busyish living room. My two have an interesting and spacious cage so no worries there, but their cage is in my bedroom which is quiet and empty for 1/2 the day at times. Will this be boring for them...