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stinky cage

  1. twolittlenoses

    how can i minimise guinea pig smell?

    hello! so i am new here and this is my first post thread thingy, and i was wondering if someone could give me some advide on what to do with guinea pig smells. my guinea pigs live in my room, but they wont be able to for much longer if the smell continues like this. i really love having them...
  2. Marshie

    Stinky Boars smell - Will it go away?

    Hi. Maybe a week ago I introduced my boar to a young pig. Everything is going well although the older boar is obsessed with leaving his scent everywhere. I don’t mind it since I know he’s just trying to show he’s dominate (there’s no fighting just the older pig rumble struts from time to time)...
  3. Carp

    Stinky Piggie Cage!

    Hi every one, hope every one is well and there piggies are wheeking! I recently went to a pet show and saw all the guineas where on fleece bedding, so thought I'd switch to save money and be cheaper, used one of my sons old fleece blanket folded together. But now they STINK... woodshavings...
  4. Diane Owen

    Fleece And Stinky Cage

    Help I've only had fleece for day and a half and it's smelly already, what have I done wrong?