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  1. earniethepiggie

    reaction to stitches

    Hi, It seams like Earnie has had a reaction to his stitches post neuter (3 weeks). A couple days ago we took him to the vets after noticing swelling around where the procedure took place and they prescribed antibiotics and anti-inflammatory in case of an abscess. However, after closer...
  2. M

    How to give guinea pig medication & stop chewing stitches

    So our 5 year old Guinea pig was spayed yesterday due to cysts in both her ovaries that were effecting her health, shes doing well with eating and moving around but trying to give her pain killers and antibiotics is proving to be a bit difficult. I've tired putting it on a bit of her food but...
  3. Brackenwolf1

    Dissolvable stitches

    hi, I got my 3 boys castrated a few weeks ago and dissolvable stitches were put in. 2 of the boys stitches have dissolved but one of my boys hasn’t dissolved. How long should I leave it before taking him to the vets to get it removed?
  4. Kallasia

    Suspicious Lump Removed - Benign Tumor

    Hi All, So I've been a bit quiet lately, feeling stressed about the boys' health. Binky with his dodgy lungs and Errol with his moods. Initially I thought Errol's moods were to do with hormones. It was strange because he was rumble strutting all the time and taking swipes at Binky. It was so...
  5. Laura_Wiggo

    Cancer In Guinea Pigs?

    Hello lovely piggy owners, I'm new here but I'm looking for some advice for my little Trotsky. My spoilt little boy is 4 years old now, he was my first guinea pig and I'd be so lost without him! He's always been a very social piggy, cheeky and noisy and loves to be around me. 2 weeks ago I...