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  1. L

    White lump found in cage

    Hello, I found these two lumps within my piggies cage this evening (I have one made pig who is castrated and and is 2 1/2 and one female pig who is about 1 1/2). The lump on the left (more brown coloured) is more squishy and wet in texture and the one on the right (white) is harder however still...
  2. Cryptillian

    What do I do if my senior guinea pig has stones?

    Going to give some context here. I am from the US, my pigs are given oxbow vitimin C supplement daily, cup of various veg (romaine, cucumber, bell pepper, carrot, strawberry blueberry, apple, watermelon rind, etc but only the romaine and bell pepper is really a daily thing, fruits are more of a...
  3. RachelLaura2012

    Possible stones?

    Long time no post, which is only a good thing as my two fur babies have been brilliant… until tonight. After being away all day, I came home to the very soiled (standard for Dwight, he’s a messy one who loves nothing more but to stomp in his fresh poop) but bloodied towel, as shown in pic. The...
  4. PiggyRupert

    Stone stuck in ureter

    My 6 year old boy has a 4mm bladder stone stuck in the ureter (the duct between the kidney & bladder). Unfortunately the stone cannot be surgically removed without high risk to my piggy. I am wondering if anyone has been in a similar situation and has managed to dissolve the stone through clever...
  5. Azver

    Possibly a stone in bladder - treatment in London

    Hi, Can you recommend any good guinea pig vets in London at reasonable price? Suspect that my guinea pig has stones in bladder. Two days ago I spotted blood in guinea pigs urine. No blood in urine since then. Pig does not show any symptoms of illness. Pig was taken to a vet and examined...
  6. Stephaniexr


    Hello, I am writing in complete stress over my guinea pig, Momo. I recently took her to the vet and we found out she had a large bladder stone in her urethra. The vet put her under sedation to try to manipulate the stone out, but unfortunately had no luck. The vet instead pushed the stone back...
  7. Piggiemum7

    Update On Ben, Possible Bladder Problems (sorry Long Post)

    Some of you have been helping me with my thread last week about Ben's breathing here. Kind of keeping this as a sort of log for the past week... He's been having baytril, metacam, vit c supplements, probiotic and critical care recovery food. He was 1.2kg before and hit a low of 1.09 when the...